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Venezuela Old History

Venezuela is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Caracas, Venezuela 2020 population is estimated at 28,435,951 according to countryaah. The people living in the area were decimated after the arrival of the Spaniards in 1498, due to hardships and new diseases. Venezuela became an important agricultural exporter in the Spanish… Read More »

All About Venezuela Country

Brief information Once upon a time, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the science fiction novel The Lost World, which described the adventures of an English scientific expedition in South America. Few people know that Conan Doyle was inspired to write this novel by the Canaima National Park, located in Venezuela. Now Venezuela can hardly be called… Read More »

Venezuela Geography

In the north-west of Venezuela lies the Cordillera of Mérida, a southeastern branch of the Colombian Andes, the peaks of which reach over 5000 m. The Mérida Cordillera separates the oil fields of Lake Maracaibo from the rest of the country. West of the Cordillera, in the far north of the country, is the Guajira… Read More »