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Entertainment and Attractions in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

The main attraction of the island is considered to be its natural beauty – sunsets in Phu Quoc are some of the most beautiful in the world. It is best to admire them on the west coast. In this part of the island is the Cau Palace – a place of worship for the islanders,… Read More »

All About Vietnam Country

Brief information In recent years, the Vietnamese government has made efforts to ensure that in the minds of foreigners this country is not associated with the wars of the 20th century. The Vietnamese authorities strive to show everyone the culture of their country and its amazing nature. The Vietnamese are very friendly people. This country… Read More »

Vietnam Travel Guide

Geography of Vietnam Vietnam stretches over 1,600 km from north to south along the east coast of the Indochinese peninsula. The nature is very varied, as the southern climate is tropical, while it is cooler in the north. Three quarters of the country is covered by mountains or slopes, the last lower quarter is located… Read More »