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All About Yemen Country

Brief information It so happened historically that people on the territory of modern Yemen lived 4 thousand years ago. Over these many years, several civilizations and cultures have formed and declined in the country (once upon a time, Yemen was even a completely Christian state). Therefore, from a historical point of view, Yemen is one… Read More »

Yemen – a Tribal Society with Problems Part 3

The revolt against the Saleh regime has come in waves where periods of strife have been followed by periods of peace, and then new strife. A total of six rounds – the last ending in February 2010 – have been won. During this period, campaigns have spread out of Sadah province, and both sides have… Read More »

Yemen – a Tribal Society with Problems Part 2

3: Al-Qaeda in Yemen Yemenis have been in contact with al-Qaeda since the early 1990s. The collaboration gained momentum when the Aden Abayan army turned to the leadership of al-Qaida in 1998 and proposed attacking US naval vessels. The two organizations probably collaborated on these attacks. In the year 2000, they tried to sink the… Read More »

Yemen – a Tribal Society with Problems Part 1

Yemen is haunted by mainly three major conflicts. One between the government and Shia Muslim rebels in the north, another between the government and a growing movement of dissatisfied Yemenis in the south. The third important conflict is between the government and the new, local al-Qaida organization al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. What problems is… Read More »