Fashions come and go, if we could save of lifetime all the clothes we buy I’m sure that every ten years we would use that which we loved and that carried around the world. It is something that happens with almost all garments but especially with footwear, occurs with the Converse, New Balance, Nike… and of course with the Dr. Martens. After a few dark years return to appear as if it were a plague, in United Kingdom there is no one who does not step on with Dr Martens.

It is a boot or shoe hard, winter and perfect for cold and rain. We can associate it in the past with punkys or grunge bands but now the diversity public is very large because in its shops you can find de adolescents, adults, young Lords alternative… is to say that now the Dr martens are for everyone, and this is perhaps the new success formula. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus or Jessica Alba do not stop get them all the time!!

To my particular I love, I love to mix styles in a same look. I can think of for example a dress lencero with shoes Dr Martens and an angora cardigan. It’s great to combine to get some personality and very original outfits. Another feature of the Dr Martens is that there are thousand versions, the typical leather, with glitter, studs, with hair, with pictures… so are renewed very fast and not bored almost nothing.

Take Advantage to Buy Ones Dr. Martens Sales Inside Little Will Be a Boom in Spain