Texas Landmarks

By | August 26, 2022

“Everything is bigger in Texas” and that’s right! Texas is America’s second largest state. Texas is huge not only in area, but also in population. As many as 22 million people live in cities such as Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston and the capital Austin.

The Lone Star State

According to Babyinger, the ‘Lone Star State’, as Texas is nicknamed, is mainly known for its oil and cowboys, but the state has so much more to offer. Texas offers a warm, colorful mix of diverse cultures. The Country culture in particular is well represented here. Rodeos, line dancing and horseback riding; you’ll find it all in Texas. At the famous ranches you can spend the night, help out or get acquainted with farm life. In addition, there are plenty of horse riding opportunities. Are you fond of BBQ? Then Texas is definitely the place to be! There is no better place to enjoy good ribs or a BBQ brisket. In the meantime, enjoy nature, which offers a huge variety of landscapes.

Nature and National Parks

Texas can be divided into 7 different regions; Big Bend Country, Gulf Coast, Hill Country, Panhandle Plains, Piney Woods, Prairies & Lakes, and South Texas Plains. In addition, there is a 1068 kilometer long coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. In the south-west of the state is the Big Bend National Park with deserts, canyons and special rock formations. A little to the north is the Guadelupe Mountians National Park, a beautiful mountain area with many viewpoints and hiking opportunities. Texas is home to the second largest canyon in the United States; the Palo Duro Canyon.

Cultural Heritage

The cultural heritage in Texas is enormous, Texas offers an extensive range of museums. A special museum in Texas is Frontier Texas! in Abilene. You can see the Wild West here on the basis of life-size holograms. A famous historic site is The Alamo in San Antonio. A prolonged, bloody battle took place on this site at the beginning of the 19th century. In addition, Texas has a surprisingly large amount of nice shops and luxurious boutiques. The shopping opportunities are endless, especially in the cities.

Texas Cities

The capital of Texas is Austin. This city proudly bears the nickname ‘Live Music Capital of the World’. Everywhere on the street and in the bars there are musicians playing live music. In addition, the student city is known for its alternative, artistic culture.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States. Houston has many fascinating museums and places of interest. The most famous landmark is the Houston Space Center, the place to learn everything about space travel. In the evening you can go out here, most bars have live music.

Dallas is best known for the television series of the same name. Notable landmarks include the Reunion Tower and the John F. Kennedy Memorial. Dallas also has a vibrant art scene and many well-known museums. West of Dallas is Fort Worth, a real cowboy town. Here herds of Texan Longhorns are herded through the Stockyards. Line dancing is possible here until the wee hours at Billy Bob’s Texas. The ‘real wild west’ is omnipresent here.

Weird Texas

In addition to cowboy towns, ranches, and sprawling landscapes, Texas is home to a number of quirky attractions and spots. From the ten Cadillac monument at the Cadillac Ranch that symbolizes the Golden Age of the American automobile, to the Lajitas Ghost Town with a beer-drinking goat as mayor, it’s strange enough here in Texas.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is the 16th largest city in the US and is known as the “City of Cowboys and Culture”. New and renovated hotels, restaurants and exciting tourist events make the city a premier holiday destination. Be sure to visit bustling Sundance Square, experience the captivating heritage of the American West in the Stockyard Historical District, and admire the artistic masterpieces in Fort Worth’s cultural district.

Stockyards National Historic District

A visit to Fort Worth isn’t complete without visiting the acclaimed Stockyards National Historic District. It still looks the same today as it did 100 years ago. Every part in Stockyards National Historic District represents Fort Worth’s original life. The work, the houses, the music, everything can be admired.

Fort Worth Cultural District

Culture is central to Fort Worth, you will find the Kimbell Art Museum, among others, known as the best small museum in America. This is the home of Michelangelo’s first painting. The Amon Carter Museum of American Art is known for its wide collection of Western and American masterpieces.

Sundance Square

During the day this is a business district, but at night entertainment abounds, from film and live theatre, clubs, music and many restaurants and cafes. A very pleasant and busy district.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

This park consists of 1.7 hectares and has three well-known fountains. Active pool is the most impressive fountain in the park, where the water falls into an 11 meter deep pond. A walking path runs through the fountain so that visitors can immerse themselves in the water fun.

Texas Landmarks