Texas Nature

By | August 28, 2022

Texas offers a huge variety of landscapes. The beautiful expanses of prairies are undoubtedly the most famous, but Texas has so many more spectacular places to offer. From the sunny sandy beaches in the south, to sweeping plains in the north, dense pine forests in the east and deep canyons in the west; Texas has it all!

National park in Texas

According to Directoryaah, Texas ‘s 2 National Parks consist of jagged deserts against a backdrop of majestic mountain peaks. Big Bend National Park is the most popular park and is located in the middle of the enormous Chihuahua desert. The area consists of extensive valleys and has an extensive ecology. The park owes its name to the large bend that the Rio Grande makes here. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy themselves here, as the river offers many opportunities for rafting and boating. The strength of the river created the Santa Elena Canyon. This carved gorge forms a dividing line between the United States and Mexico and can be admired in its full glory at sunset.

Various canyons and special rock formations can also be seen elsewhere in the park. In particular, the volcanic mountain range Sierra del Carmen Mountain is regularly visited by hikers, because of the many beautiful trails such as the Marufo Vega Trail and the Chimney Trail.

Ship Ahoy! Discover Big Bend National Park from a boat. Coyotes and bears, spectacular scenery and untouched nature – that’s West Texas. Five canyons can be found in Big Bend National Park, and these can be admired from the Rio Grande as can the park’s fauna: red-eared sliders bask on rocks and logs, blue herons and green kingfishers fly by the river, beavers are here and there to hear. Whether in a kayak, canoe or rafting: guided tours from 2 hours to 10 days are offered on the Rio Grande. Depending on the sector, the river offers ideal conditions for beginners and experts alike: the river sometimes runs through 450-meter-deep canyons, sometimes through wide, open stretches with views of the surrounding plateaus and mountains of the United States and Mexico.

Farther north, on the Texas border with New Mexico, is the Guadelupe Mountains National Park. Primarily, the park is known for the Texas Guadalupe Peak; the highest point in Texas at 2,667 feet. The park is also home to rugged mountains, large reefs and fossil rocks, which originated in the time when it was a primeval sea here. The park is popular with hikers, because of the massive limestone rock ‘El Capitan’ and the McKittrick Canyon Nature Trail. This scenic route runs along the gorge of McKittrick Canyon and offers spectacular views.

North Texas is home to the famous prairies. The area of ​​the ‘Texas Blackland Prairies’ lies between the Red River to the north and San Antonio to the south and covers a total area of ​​more than 50,000 km2. The plains are shaped by frequent wildfires and grazing herds of bison that migrate through the area. On the prairies you can taste the atmosphere of the real wild west of America. The area has many ranches, where you can explore the landscape as a cowboy on horseback. Enjoy the tranquility and the panoramic views that the beautiful, rolling grassy landscape has to offer.

Texas Beaches

Although Texas is not known for its beaches, this is the ideal base to visit the pristine beaches of the coast. Texas is located on the Gulf of Mexico and has a 1068 kilometer coastline with many sunny sandy beaches. There are many beautiful seaside towns such as Corpus Christi, Port Aransas and Galveston Island.

The wide sandy beaches with clear blue water are ideal for sunbathers. The beaches are also very suitable for a day out for families. During the day activities are often organized, in the evenings there are cozy barbecues with live music. For water sports enthusiasts, beaches such as South Padre Island are very attractive, where sports such as kiteboarding and surfing are practiced.


Houston, America’s 4th largest city is a cosmopolitan destination, filled with world-class dining, art, hotels, shopping and entertainment. Take a stroll through the historic Heights, spend the day exploring the Museum District, or head to Space Center Houston. Enjoy culinary delights at one of dozens of award-winning restaurants, or hang out with the cool kids on Washington Avenue.

There is always something to do in this southern hospitality and urban chic city.
Houston is the largest city in Texas and offers the best museums and attractions in the USA. Imagine yourself in space at Space Center Houston or immerse yourself in art at one of the 19 museums in the Museum District.

Traveling to Houston

There is an extensive metro network within Houston. The metros in the center run every 15 minutes, but outside the center it is possible that the waiting times are longer. In addition to the metros, there are also buses and taxis. You just have to keep in mind that the prices of the taxis can be very high. Houston is also known for having a lot of traffic jams.

Space Center Houston

Go behind the scenes of America’s space program and experience walking on the moon. You also take a look at the control center. A special experience for the whole family!

Shopping in Houston

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Discovery Green park

The Discovery Green park is one of the most famous and largest parks (12 hectares) in Houston, the beautiful green lawns and gardens invite you for a picnic. There are also many hiking trails and you can enjoy a meal in one of the two restaurants.

Houston Attractions Discount

With the CityPASS discount card you get a discount in Houston on many museums, attractions and zoos. The discount for your entrance ticket can sometimes be up to 50%! So make sure you buy the CityPASS in advance via the Tourist Offices. You often also get priority at the entrance to the attractions or zoo. This means you don’t have to stand in line. The Citypass is worth $84.76 and costs only $46 for an adult and $36 for a child (3-11 years).

Texas Nature