Although this land it is not style, Thanksgiving is for Americans more familiar than Christmas Eve, more endearing than the home of Santa Claus and more emotional than the Vienna new year’s concert. That day, yesterday, gives thanks for the privileges we have, the life that can be enjoyed and the luck is running. Today we are going to trivialize a bit and why we can give thanks in this fashion blog to low-cost brands? by the best garments and accessories recent collections of Zara, Bershka, Mango and H & M, white and that you have authenticated with your comments.


Because its original already liked and as few pockets they can access these Swiss dot with appliqué of Stella McCartney dress, we appreciate his clone, in this case mango.

New clone, follower copy. Although Balmain not live your moments most high continues to suffer from copies. The brazenness already not only copies but that does not change the colors or an apex. One of the clothes that it seems that they will prevail at Christmas.


Some trousers star of the season, by its elephant leg cut, its stamped and a perfect styling. Bershka.

Also Bershka one of the best low cost season outfits, for your snake print and this jacket with fleece to the Burberry that loved you.

H & M


Your favorite garment of the H & M Christmas catalog Georgia May luce, is Bubblegum pink and very very feminine.

Massimo Dutti


Thank you low cost it seems will be one of the favorite slopes of this Christmas.



its catalog of Zara Trafaluc November was your taste. Among the best items, this semi-transparent combined with cowboy it can be urban and blouse with a skirt the most Parisian Bonbon.

A beautiful asymmetrical dress has been chosen as best of the catalozo of this month Zara.

By their tassels, by its blue color, its wide heel and its perfect mix between trendy and shoe to work ten to this Hall of Zara.


Sequins and sparkles, chic and rock, white in his fiesta collection gives the nail on the head with many items, but without a doubt this is one of the best. That neckline in the back and that court so retro and feminine.

Thanksgiving Fashionista: Thanks Zara, Bershka, Mango, H & M and White by These Garments!