The 4 G It is still a hot topic and is that while Vodafone has already begun its next generation testing and has just added to its offer the first terminal compatible with that evolution now turn of the LTE is for Orange, which announces the addition of the 4 G at more rates.

From today the rate Dolphin 16, which offers 150 minutes in calls and 1 GB of Internet to maximum speed by 19.36 euros per month, and 1 GB mobile Internet rate for tablets or other devices, with price of 10.89 euros per month, because you can navigate faster by connecting to the 4 G Orange network.

The 4 G of Orange is currently available in 18 cities through the use of the 1800 and 2600 MHz bands although the operator forecast is that in 2014, when it is assumed that operators licensed can access the ideal the 800 MHz band, this will reach all capitals of provinces as well as large cities.

With the addition of the Dolphin 16 and Internet Mobile 1 GB Orange completes its offer 4 G, in which were already rates higher as the Dolphin 25, 23 whale, whale 35, 45 Kangaroo, Kangaroo 50, mobile Internet 2 GB mobile Internet 10 GB staying only outside of the current rates the squirrel 7 and babysitting 35.

The 16 Dini and Internet Mobile Orange 1 GB Is Attached to The Catalogue of Rates 4G