The Brand of Police Clothing Chosen by the FBI

When choosing the best safety equipment it is important that you do not neglect any details.Do not know the safety garments of the 5.11 brand?

When we seek to acquire or renew our police and security equipment, we often look more at the armory than at our work uniform. However, as important as having a good weapon is having a proper police or military clothing and is in perfect condition. Today we want to talk about one of the best clothing brands for the state’s security forces and bodies. Discover the 5.11 brand, the brand chosen by the FBI.

In Shoke we have been distributing all kinds of police and military equipment of the highest quality possible for more than 30 years . That is why we needed to count as a premium partner with a brand of clothing and safety equipment that meets the same qualitative requirements. The choice was clear: the 5.11 mark . This brand of police and security equipment had a high quality in addition to an interesting variety of police products. For example, you can find from tactical jackets like Chameleon model to tactical knives according to theeliteswatches.

The 5.11 brand is also a living brand, which adapts to its users and their needs. Over time, it has expanded its range of military and police products, improving the performance of both new and more classic. A question that has made us increasingly rely on your articles as essential in our catalog of security products and police. For example, we have been adding tactical pants like the Stryke model, in addition to a great variety of backpacks adapted to the police and military equipment. At SHOKE we know the importance that the uniform has for security workers. Good police equipment makes the worker comfortable and safe, allowing him to do his job in the most appropriate way.

Over time since Shoke we were relying more and more on the tactical mark , in a clearly deserved way. The stock of its police and security products was accumulating in our store and security professionals were increasingly asking for more and more of their products . The security forces are looking for the advantages of having good tactical equipment. And in the 5.11 brand they find all the products they need. From clothing that protects them against bad weather to protective vests and all kinds of accessories. When the police and state security forces test the products of the 5.11 mark they are convinced of their quality and performance.Therefore, the next step in the relationship was predictable: SHOKE became the PREMIUM LEADER of the 5.11 brand.

This alliance was a win-win for both parties. On the one hand, the 5.11 brand continued to increase its presence within the Spanish police market, since in other countries such as the United States is already more consolidated and is the official brand of the FBI . On the other hand, we could offer our clients the best quality and variety of police and security equipment on the market.And thanks to the 5.11 brand we can offer our customers from the most resistant cords to the most suitable suits for your police work.

When choosing your safety equipment you must take into account that it is necessary to privilege quality over anything else. You’re going to work with that team and you have to feel safe with it . That safety, combined with the comfort and variety of the 5.11 brand garments , will improve your work performance. The 5.11 brand has the best and most varied police and security products. They suit you and your needs. Why not try this brand of clothing?In SHOKE we have a wide variety.

Do you still have one more reason to try this excellent brand?As this is the definitive, from 3 to 6 May we celebrate the 5.11 Days, you will have a 20% discount on all 5.11 products, and if you participate in the contest that we are currently celebrating you can earn an additional 20% discount on your purchase , What more could you want!