The Catalog Of Bikinis Triangl 2017: Spring Summer

With the arrival of the summer, we can already see the new collection of bikinis for the 2017 which has launched also a brand so essential as Triangl.

This year, we have to say that the designs stand out for being resourceful and deserve all the admiration of us that we would spend all day, with our bikini, bajoel Sun. In today’s article we want to present you collection of bikinis for spring Triangl summer 2017.

Bikinis For Spring Summer 2017 Triangl

Last year saw Triangl threw a collection that amazing styles based on tapes black and aquamarine, with the presence of parts top in Pale tones and color panties, very similar to the catalogue of Victoria Secret.

The summer of 2017 has a wide variety of models and all of them are very nice. For example, highlight bikinis models in blue and pink that also have floral motifs against a background of pale yellow with the top of white straps, zipper in the middle.

We can find also another model, such as that here in the Gallery, featuring a white triangle with background blue color, with bright colors with yellow edges and pale pink color. So we have various combinations for all tastes, including a bottom of coral and the top of blue or pink… In addition you have also the option of choosing very colorful clothes, that allow us to minimalist pieces with a fair amount of detail to give importance to each of the sets in the 2017 season.

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In this new catalogue of bikinis, there are many colors to choose from: pink, white, black, blue, purple, Orange neon, aquamarine, Yellow Sun, coral and similar hues appearing everywhere and that desacan within the catalog of bikinis in the 2017 collection Triangl. Many of the bikinis have a unique color, but others occur in two tones, Tri-tone and even times we are surprised with four or five colors.

The issue is that you are not going to find individual pieces. Everything creates a bikini, either as a strapless top or being a triangle top with faux seams that add more pleasure to our breasts, as well as multiple colors that allow us to emphasize the thin nature of our ‘ ropio body.

In addition you will surprise that some of the parts above the Triangl bikini are transformed into bikinis with sleeveless t-shirts, and thus can mix and match parts.

We leave the Photo Gallery of our catalog of bikinis Triangl for the spring summer of 2017 at ABERDEENSAVINGS.COM.