The Colombian Behind the Celebrity Jewelry Door

I’m going to tell a story whose protagonist’s name is PAULA MENDOZA. Once upon a time there was a Colombian journalism student in Bogota, his hometown. Because I wanted the life that Paula took a trip to the United States and seized the occasion to take some parts of her beloved hobby: jewelry. And that’s the way life is. When it’s written in the Stars, Destiny opens doors. To Paula, the gates of destiny as jeweler were wide open in America.

Without any pretension, Paula visited an art gallery and soon conquered all with her work in jewelry. So the gallery went on to make monthly orders to the former journalist. She went back to Colombia, just packed the rest of the stuff and landed definitively to make money in America. He landed in Washington and enrolled in the course jewels as sculptures at the CORCORAN INSTITUTE.

: The LINDA you arrived in PANDORGA!

From Washington, he moved to new York – always making posts by his creations in the Instagram. And then here is one more proof of the power to disseminate a social network and the power that has to transform a person’s life. Several new York stylists began to follow Paula. A nice day, she gets a message from Lisa Cooper, who’s stylist?


Lisa asked Paula to send some pieces to the singer. Paula sent several. Result: Beyoncé used some in the music clip XO.


It was the time to transform Paula’s career. That image of the singer in the clip with the jewelry was the great watershed. From there, the Colombiana became a multi-celebrity sweetheart, such as Dakota Fanning, Medine, Kate Beckinsale, and Emma Stone.


A very striking characteristic of Paula’s work is that all production is handmade, with Colombian materials in a workshop in Bogota. “I work with single mothers as part of a job that started two years ago,” she told the Vogue magazine. His current collection is devoted to the father, recently deceased, and influenced by the Spanish architect Aranjuez.


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