When the news that Vetements, the signature created by now creative director of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, presented his collection during the week of Haute Couture Paris saw wing light, many eyebrows were raised and disbelief spread all over. But Demna Gvasalia had a plan. A stroke of collaborations with streetwear brands, the most ironic Haute Couture collection ever It has seen the light, and is that this has been created nor more nor less than using the mixture of 18 different brands designs as Levi’s or Eastpak, including among them even velvety Juicy Couture Tracksuits.

The parade place: Galeries Lafayette

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Incredible but true, the parade took place in the known Galeries Lafayette, that took over the unconventional places where past parades were held: a Chinese restaurant or a night club of dubious reputation, among others.

The invitation: a shopping guide

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If the parade was held in the best-known galleries of Paris why not recycle its? shopping guide by way of invitation? Said and done, Vetements gambled as well by a new concept of parade that has led the entire collection.

The sitting: tagged with names of firms

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The sitting was also special, the chairs looked, rather than the names of the guests, tags of different firms for sale in galleries. To the names of Chanel and Marc Jacobs he accompanied them concrete numbers referring to the invitation of each attendee to the parade.

Most commented: the Juicy Couture tracksuit

3-2016 (s) Jul 10:32 PDT

The concept of mix and match of the first collection of high seam of Vêtements was all a surprise in itself, however, what has called the attention of the collection have been, without a doubt, the velveteen made in Juicy Couture Tracksuits.

Impossible to not remember Paris Hilton wearing them little more than one decade.

The most photographed: Manolo Blahnik boots XXL

A photo published by Elisabeth Clauss (@elisabethclauss) 3 Jul, 2016 (s) 10:03 PDT

18 were brands that have collaborated in the creation of this collection de Vêtements, each contributing a small in your area of expertise and obviously, nobody better than Manolo Blahnik to give a nut turn to footwear.

The boots XXL the Shoemaker master have not gone unnoticed. In colors like Fuchsia pink, metallic Orange, the most bright purple or emerald green, these maxi boots have been, pardon the Juicy Couture Tracksuits, the most impressive of the parade.

These boots even had pockets…

3-2016 (s) Jul 10:35 PDT

Although it should be noted that Manolo Blahnik has also been present in high heel shoes (how not):

3-2016 (s) Jul 11:08 PDT

The new trend: shirts from Comme des Garcons

3-2016 (s) Jul 10:46 PDT

The shirts have been in charge of Comme des Garçons, Although it has not been the garment itself that has made the difference, if not the form of buckling.

How much time will elapse until the street style and fashion blogs endorse this idea? Will it become one new trend?

The touch street: Carhartt

3-2016 (s) Jul 11:27 PDT

In oversize version, Demna Gvasalia has become to trust in the Carhartt workwear brand to put the touch more street. The key to this cooperation have been the work overalls with Carhartt became famous, that although unrecognizable by its maximization, they have guiñado a look at the beginnings of the brand.

More street: Dr.Martens

A photo published by Dr. Martens (@drmartensofficial) 3 Jul, 2016 (s) 10:12 PDT

Dr. Martens He also wanted to be present in this collection not just design. Their contributions have been the characteristic black boots to which were added the words “border line”.

Eastpak, Levi’s, Canada Goose, Reebok, Alpha Industries, Brioni, Champion Scott or Kawasaki are some of the firms that have made possible this new concept of Haute Couture created by Vetements.
Another win from? Demna Gvasalia?

The Day in Which a Track Suit Has Been Considered Haute Couture Has Come, and Yes, Fashion Has Shocked
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