The Exclusivity of Aresso Jewelry

Good afternoon everyone! Long ago I did not publish about the designers and brands that I find on the web, that’s why today I wanted to do it, bringing them a spectacular Spanish brand with jewelry for everyone and when I say all, I mean women, men and something very important, for babies and children , We had never mentioned that topic, so I think it’s time to dedicate a space to the little ones.

The brand I am talking about, is called ” Aresso Jewelry ”, where they have exclusive designs with unique shapes, from jewelry for girls, to pacifiers for babies.

About ” Aresso Jewelery ”:

Jewelery Aresso is a chain of jewelry specialized in offering each client the jewel that suits their style and need.In addition to jewelry, it offers fashion accessories such as handbags.They have many shops spread throughout the Spanish territory and have a very complete online store according to EDUCATIONVV.COM.

Jewelry for babies and children:

I’ll start by talking about jewelry for the most pampered members of the family … the children. Among the varieties, we find chupeteros, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, watches and even beautiful pieces for first communion.

As they are children, the designs are simple and small, with materials of first quality, such as: white and yellow gold, diamonds, zirconia, ruby, pearls, among others.

This pacifier in silver laminated, is the best price in Jewelry Aresso and I liked it, because it has a nice design, something impossible to find in some brands. In addition, it has a great advantage and is that you can put a text engraved in Roman or English.

Jewelry for girls:

We present interesting proposals with emeralds, sapphires, gold, silver, diamonds, amethysts and rubies .We will find different shapes and colors, such as hearts, crosses, stars, etc.

Every detail is made with precision, so that you look much more beautiful and have a unique style, so whatever your choice, you will be delighted with their pieces.

Jewelery for men:

One of the most interesting things about this brand is its designs for men.They have bracelets, pendants, necklaces, chains, solitaires and cufflinks, all made with steel, gold, silver, zirconia and leather.

Summer collection:

The latest collection has as its main protagonist the turquoise stone , a stone full of life and perfect for the summer, in addition to its beautiful color, also has several benefits for your health and mind.You can read more about its benefits in our last article on this stone: ” Turquoise stone : Beauty in details”

Two of the designs that have caught my attention, are those that have the infinite and the hand of Fatima , since these styles have been used during the last years and are pioneers among trends.

The big rings will also be a trend for summer 2016 and this brand is not far behind, presenting us a teardrop ring with turquoise and 925 silver.

Jewelery for weddings:

There is also jewelry for one of the most important moments in life for a girl, as is marriage.

How do you think these proposals? I loved them, they are very interesting and beautiful, especially this necklace with zirconia.

Having browsed the website and having seen the beautiful pieces they have, it has become one of my favorite brands because they have jewelry designed for all sorts of occasions.

If you want to know more about this brand, you can visit them on their website and blog , where you will find interesting posts and sometimes they make contests, there is one still active, valid until June 30, 2016.

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