The Book of fashion This week is both in English and in French. Yes, in French! It’s a very similar to the Spanish language, and they can learn by reading Vogue Paris and according to the TV channel 24 h, with a multitude of highly recommended fashion documentaries for fashionistas. But back to the book. Already learned some of the English style, but… What is the French style?

Olivier de Magny It is a famous French sommelier, considered as “the Jamie Oliver the wine”. Your company Or Chateau Paris Wine Tasting He managed to approach the world of wine to the public not connoisseur, who simply enjoys the good flavors. Parallel to this successful venture, he started his blog to tell about your experiences in the world of the vineyards, but also began a series of posts about the cliches of style garment Parisian, very focused on men and their growing interest in fashion and body care.

In his peculiar style casual and sarcastic, Olivier presents us with beads as:

“There are three dimensions to be cool in Paris: have new iPhone every year, fit a talk, and eat sushi at least twice a week” “Parisians believe that human beings are in general more than respectable. With the exception of those who wear white socks””learn about the age of a Parisian is easy. All under 50 years of age always wear jeans. All Parisians more than 50 years, never wear jeans”.

A highly recommended book to understand the Parisians, beyond the usual clichés as the macarrons, the Eiffel Tower or the walks along the Seine. But… is as simple as reading a book and give with the? Holy Grail from the Parisian style? We recognize some keys, which serve both for men and for women:

The 5 keys to the Parisian style

  • Less is more. It eliminates prints and overlays. And have a kleenex on the face: also removes makeup!
  • Décalage: Word of difficult translation into Spanish, something like loosen or offset a look. For example: Pearl necklace on a denim shirt, and not on an evening gown. Of course it has to seem that you’ve not spent three hours opposite the mirror and that you left home with the first thing you found.
  • “The Parisian avoids the”it bag”and seeks a”mythe bag”(classical myths that endure!). In short, better a wicker basket than a copy of brand bag.
  • Not to too “sexy” clothes: not to the miniskirt, not to the thong, not to the neckline of vertigo.
  • Avoid go conjoined. A bag of the same color as the shoes can be carried only if you have less than 30 years. From this age you can look 10 years older!

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The Fashion Book of The Week: Dessine-Moi Un Parisien