On December 18 the official Christmas card of the British family was spread by the Kensington Palace on the occasion of the festivities. What were unaware, however, is that after her hide Fine Ejerique y M & H, the two firms responsible for Spanish from dress up the sons of the Dukes of Cambridge.

The Duke and Duchess hope everyone enjoys these new photos of Princess Charlotte as much as they do. pic.twitter.com/ylZ7VvOuIY

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) November 29, 2015

Everything seems to indicate that it could be Maria Teresa Turrión Borrallo, governess of Prince George and her sister Charlotte, the person behind these outfits with Spanish flavour. In this way, Maria Teresa would repeat your bet by the fashion of the country which has already begun with the Basque firm Irulea.

Fine Ejerique signature of Valencia with more than 25 years of experience in the sector and in charge of drawing up the Blue Prince George wool Jersey, your samples of liking for trusting them it has already made public. Moreover, the Valladolid firm M & H dress for the second time to the Princess Charlotte, who just a few days ago was photographed by her mother in a series of photographs that later were disseminated through the official account on Twitter.

In this way and having Irulea, there are three the Spanish fashion brands for infants and young children selected by the UK Real House to dress up its new members. Fashion does not understand ages but quality and good work.

The Fashionable Spanish for Children Christmas The FelcitacióN Conquest of The Dukes of Cambridge
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