You saw it coming and wanted to look elsewhere, but not, the flatforms have come to stay and they are not meant to stop conquer land this season. That mixture between sandal with Double sole and a mini platform (which in some cases has become maxi, touching a bit ridiculous), has endorsed the proposals of all brands. Here’s a new invasion.

They took their first steps in the form of Double-soled athletic shoes, betting on the style of the 90s, but the flatforms have expanded their empire to be performed on all types of footwear.

The Birkenstock they put the easy way for this trend that soon took them, however, not happy with this acquisition, the flatforms have expanded their wave to all sandals.

Ugly shoes is the full fashion right now, but There is nothing more ugly that add extra sole to the shoe of the moment. So much so that even the espadrille, best-known as espadrilles, have fallen into their networks.

The Flatforms, The New Ugly Shoe That Has Unleashed The Madness (And Want to Sneak into Your Wardrobe)