Today fashion blogger now it is not. We live in a world where governs the law of the do minimum effort?, that’s why upload different photos to the blog next to an entry with several meaningless phrases, it is too much work. Now what is is hanging a picture on Instagram and charge lots of money for it. We already know that in function of the followers may have one can disburse astronomical figures that the majority of humans don’t see at end of month (after waking up early every morning). And is this 2015 the Instagrammers fashion they have ousted the bloggers.

As we have already said, we live in a world of continuous change and want things at the moment. We can not wait for tomorrow, we want it here and now. Here is one of the essential features of Instagram, the social network of fashion that has launched the estrallato many normal girls without much what. Good pictures, impossible outfits and firms betting on them have made today are the Queens of this app. How many more followers and more like, more compensation. Amounts vary, and range from 500 euros to the 20,000 euros (or more).

Success factors: Instagrammers vs. Bloggers

Today anyone can become famous… And all thanks to Instagram

Social networks began to introduce us bloggers who showed us his way of combining items. The success was such that those girls that we inspired each morning saw the signatures rifaban them is. First it was compensation with product, later and the bubble began to fill with girls who dreamed of reaching the top. We cannot put Chiara Ferragni or Kristina Bazan as an example, they are exceptions that make one pull up hairs for not doing the same. But about 4 years ago was born Instagram, an application that was much more graphic where one hung a photo. Using hashtags people could access it and so accounts would grow. Here’s where we are now, with dozens of promising young artists that take advantage of the moment and fill their pockets thanks to all of us. Trips to paradise places, signature handbags, shoes of dream… All and more show it through this place selling an idyllic life that often does not exist.

While bloggers have gone aside from your personal page to engage in this space, other girls are new in this era and proclaim success Instagrammers. At times, reaching more than 1 million followers. It has created a dependency on this social network where the demand is very high, but for offer exceeds it. Everyone dreams of success from home. The necessary tools? A good staging, the best light for the frame and a particular sense for fashion. With all that and a little patience, perhaps you’re the new Queen of the Instagram.

The Instagrammers of Fashion, Them Have Removed Them The Post to The Bloggers in 2015
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