Orange July 8 began its deployment of 4 G network using the spectrum available in the 1800 and 2600 MHz bands having initially except in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia where he had just begun to 2600 MHz, which left out of the new network to Apple devices as iPhone 5, iPad Retina or mini iPad.

But Orange has already planned a future refarming of their networks that will allow you to from the last week of November to deploy 4G also in the 1800 MHz band at least in Madrid and Barcelona, providing in addition to better penetration indoors while become the expected 800 MHz of the digital dividend.

For the deployment of 4G in the 1,800 MHz Valencia will have to wait something else according to confirmed US Orange unless they have been able to specify an exact date. After the refarming, it is possible that Orange does not have much spectrum dedicated to LTE in these cities which could limit the maximum speed of access that could be similar to the HSPA+DC but with the advantages of the 4 G which improves response time and experience in mobile browsing.

Thanks Felix for the information

The IPhone 5 of Orange Podran Connect to 4 G in Madrid and Barcelona The Last Week of November