The characters more iconic and emblematic of the cinema they used to squander confidence, had no fear of danger, and were able to withstand a beating. These renegades need clothes that can do the same, and no other garment is as robust and calls so much attention on the big screen as the jackets for the military.

The Jackets the Military the Most Striking of the Film

Jackets military utility of the past half century are an excellent option for those who want a wardrobe of casual, versatile, durable, and easy to use. We can use a jacket of this with our jeans favorite (if it is a well-used, the better), with a white t-shirt, plaid shirt, and depending on the model even to give a footprint vintage in look more tidy, type a pair of social, shirt and tie, and shoes brogue.

These here are some of my appearances favorite jackets military at the cinema. Take advantage of the tips and watch these classics with popcorn and guarana:

1. Hunter Relentless (1980)

Steve McQueen – Jacket of the aircraft, Type MA-1

It is not the best, but I just chose to be the last film of Steve McQueen before his death. In Hunter, Relentless, he plays Ralph “Papa” Thorson, a bounty hunter who travels from one city to another chasing escaped prisoners.

In the house, “Papa”, collects antiques, drives a convertible of the 1950’s, and would like to have more time to spend with the girlfriend pregnant.

The automotive racing and the scenes of persecution are present, as well as a bomber jacket MA-1, combined with a white t-shirt, jeans, Rolex Submariner, and the tennis shoes Thom McAn Jox brand, a brand that disappeared from the shelves.

The MA-1 is a jacket of cold air forces u.s. with more than four decades of history. It was one of the first times that the nylon was used in the clothing, because the material used only in equipment such as parachutes and tents.

The jacket, much more flexible and resistant to the cold of the altitude, replaced the templates of cotton, these who have had short life trying to replace the leather, because it does not hold up to the moisture of the altitudes. The nylon MA-1 proporciou much more comfort in the cabins each time smaller.

It’s a jacket of relatively light weight and also quite affordable, though there are interpretations as well guys. The silhouette is short and fat, almost a turtle shell, became very popular among the punks and skinheads of the 70s and early 90s. These associations are complex with multiple subcultures made from the MA-1 a full plate for the stylists, who love to launch new interpretations of luxury.

2. Souls on fire

Gregory Peck – Jacket of the aircraft, Type A-2

The second World War, with Gregory Peck in the role of Brigadier General Frank Savage, who takes a group of bombers after the former commander collapses. It is a story of fiction and realistic about the young general, who implements a program of discipline to test the limit of their men. In the beginning, resentful and rebellious, the aviators gradually change the posture with the lead, and win amazing victories. I highly recommend this filmaço!

The “Jacket, Flying, Type A-2” became the standard jacket air force american in 1931. It was discontinued in 1943, after the United States entered the War. At the time, the production was quite manual and, in addition to the high cost, there was leather enough to meet the demand.

The model was replaced by the B-10 and B-15, two jackets in cotton, which was soon replaced by nylon. This is the aviator jacket from the classic era, along with the jacket The-1.

Is a leather jacket that can be casual or it can be well-groomed, depending on the color and how you use it. I like to use mine with a pair of jeans, Converse, and a white t-shirt, very casual. Another combination favorite is with a pair of chino’s, and a boot, a super military. It sure is a jacket more conservative and “adult” than the MA-1.

3. The Bridges of Toko-Ri

William Holden – Jacket of the navy Type G-1

Filmaço! With interpretations worthy of the stars in their respective roles, in addition to an Oscar for special effects. Based on the book by James Michener, this drama is set during the Korean war. William Holden plays the role of a reservista U.S. Navy lieutenant Harry Brubaker, who is summoned for a mission key during the Korean War.

He struggles to accept the reality of being removed from his job, sia home, and your family, knowing that you have the rare abilities required to complete an air attack. The actions of the pilot are courageous and noble, but the film does not have statements of patriotism or exciting soundtrack. He captures the loneliness and the fear of men, provocative, and realistic, with a strong message of anti-war.

The jacket voô G-1 is a jacket style bomber with the lined collar of skin, used by the United States navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. It’s a jacket very similar to the one used by the air forces of the United States (a-2). This is also the jacket that appears in the movie Top Gun. This jacket is well more hot than the a-2. It is a good choice for a jacket to have at the time of travel. Protects from the cold, is versatile, and badass.

4. Jacket air force Type B-3

Here a “tie”, of the three films with the jacket B-3:

·         Silvester Stalone in Rocky IV, during the amazing training sequence in the snow:

Steve McQueen (in the role of captain Buzz Ricksonand Robert Wagner in The Lover’s Death:

And lastly, the greater emphasis for the episode The Mission, from the series Amazing Stories.

Amazing Stories is a series of the 80’s little known in Brazil, created and produced by Steven Spielberg. She follows the mold of that show Beyond Imagination, with an incredible story episode. Many actors have passed through the series, among them Kiefer Sutherland, Tim Robbins, Mark Hammil, Patrick Swayze, David Carradine, Dan Aykroyd, and Kevin Costner, in The episode The Mission, or “Mission”.

The Mission is a episíodio 1 hour written and directed by the own Spielberg. It is the tragic story of a team of soldiers that, during the Second World War, has the plane damaged after the shoot down and crash into an enemy jet. The landing gear is damaged and the plane has little fuel. Jonathan, a cartoonist, is one of the gunners of the plane, and it waits for certain death, trapped in the tower bottom of the bomber. It is a story of belief, determination, never give up, and the power of imagination!

Robert De Niro – Jacket, army style Tanker

A man forgotten desperate to prove that he is alive. Robert De Niro plays Travis Bickle, taxi driver a veteran of the Vietnam war who decided not to take it any more. It is the first great movie of De Niro… murderer or savior? The final journey towards healing is one of the strings the most harrowing in the history of cinema.

The jacket Tanker is part of the uniform winter combat developed in 1941 for the crews of armored vehicles (tanks). The full uniform included a jacket made of cotton twill olive-green, lined with brown wool. Although they were made for the crew of the armored vehicles, troops in all branches were trying to get them. Europe is cold and wet, and this uniform was far superior to the jacket M41.

6. Programado para Matar

Silverster Stallone, jacket, army Type M-65

Sylvester Stallone is a veteran of the Vietnam War (Rambo) who is unjustly imprisoned by sheriff Teasle, but manages to escape and begins a war against an entire city, causing panic and destruction. This film is the firstborn of action movies that gave rise to the expression brucutu.

The movie has action from beginning to end but also shows the everyday life of a war veteran wanting to be part of the society, and how people do not accept the permanence of an ex-combatant of the Vietnam war. The film is a spectacle of action, is different from the other films in the series show the drama the post-Vietnam and address deeper issues, with a final breath-taking.

The jacket M-65 was the jacket of the field during the vietnam war. The casual use of clothing the military has greatly increased in the 70’s after the war, and this jacket from the viet nam was very much used as a form of protest. So this is the jacket that always comes to mind when most people think of a jacket military vintage.

It is the jacket that Travis Bickle, Lindsay Weir, and Serpico also wear. It has spacious pockets and a hood that is stored within the collar. It is very easy to find a M-65 Vintage for a good price, and the Alpha, which was the main manufacturer of military, continues to make the model even today. There are many other jackets inspired M-65, with changes in modeling, materials, and details.

7. Quadrophenia

Phil Daniels, jacket, army Type M-51 Parka

The film tells the story of Jimmy, a teenager, involved with the culture Mod in the England of the 60’s. The plot is based on the album of Pitbull, The Who, packing the soundtrack of the film. Jimmy hates his internship in an advertising agency, has a four not matched by a girl, and every night out with friends to get in trouble. The context of the era is very specific, but in the end the characters in the film are just teenagers looking for fun and trying to find its place.

The parka M-51 of the mods is the study of the perfect case of a subculture that has adapted a military equipment. The back of this parka length made with satin cotton ends at two points elongated (hence the nickname fishtail or fish tail) that are so to the soldiers amarrarem the back with the front and get a little more protection against the elements.

The Mods took the role to protect the suits of the oil splattering and the road while pilotavam their Wasps. Since the 60’s that these jackets are interpreted in the world of fashion. The vintage models are very expensive because of high demand, but versions lighter adapted for civilian use are well accessible.

Where to buy those jackets military

Almost all of these jackets can be purchased, original, vintage. There are also versions adapted to our day-to-day casual (with more cuts adjusted, such as the versions slim Alpha), and lastly you have the option to buy a version of a designer like Raf Simons.

The jackets vintage (vintage does not mean the military, they can also be civilians) are almost always cheaper, with excellent build, and full of personality (read: used), but the condition varies a lot and hit the trim it is more complicated. They are quite large, especially the officers, and buy a smaller size can leave the arm too short.

Another detail are the patches and insignia. Use the symbols and military symbols can be controversial, even for the veterans (in Brazil we don’t have too much of this problem). The price of a jacket vintage will depend on the season, condition, and demand of the collectors, who sometimes seek to jackets as well specific, is made by a certain factory or a certain time.

The modern versions, casual, has cut more contemporary and easy-to-use, but the construction and the material tends to be lower. Almost every brand and almost every store has their version of one of these jackets. and you can also look for jackets used brand recent.

The jackets of fashion designers and luxury brands are quite varied… some have materials and amazing construction of the first, mainly for the brands “repro”. The other use of materials refined to be more chic, and because of this end up fragile, even being very beautiful.

This jacket for altitude is a classic of aviation, widely used during the Second World War. The planes began to fly higher and higher, and bomber aircraft such as the colossus B-17 carried its crew for long missions of almost 10 hours. It was essential for soldiers to maintain body heat in the cabins cold and not pressurized. No amount of training or firepower could prepare the men for the negative temperatures, and it was there that he entered this jacket with sheep’s wool.



The 8th Army Air Force in Color-Military Issue

The 8th Army Air Force in Color-Military Issue


The Jackets the Military the Most Striking of the Film
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