The Jewelry Factory Store by HÜBener

Pass me the most trends simply so and I discover it until whenever, if for all other schhon is old hat and probably again something new in the – always up to date to be, frankly I also much too tiring – is coming a little leisure time will it be then ever, not?

Just in terms of jewelry but I wear only what I like – and if I don’t like the absolutely most fashionable accessory of the world and I’d get gift – I would continue to give it probably, because what am I thus?Now it happened to me again, that I have discovered something, what you will happen again really old: vintage jewelry.

I stumbled upon in the Jewelry factory shop Hübener jewelry work in. A visit to one of their retail stores in Halle, Berlin, and Leipzig is me Yes at the moment not possible (this is just not a stone’s throw of Austria), but fortunately there is also the sweet shop on the Internet – if like, it ordered, comes easily in the House!

Founded in 1985, the year of birth of my Wolf, Kathy and Martin Hübener slipped, after the political change in 1989 throughout Germany after to extend the delivery of her beautiful jewelry. It finally happened 12 years after its Foundation, Barbara and Martin were able to open their first own shop in Leipzig. Shortly afterwards a business premises could open in Hall page gates, 2003 was followed by the third store in Berlin according to LOVERISTS.

The Shop itself offers a beautiful selection of various pieces of jewellery. Whether it’s chains, matching pendants, earrings, rings, Barrettes or cuff links and much more. And of course you can choose the material, whether gold or silver, diamonds or pearls, there are the most beautiful pieces of jewelry – and even beautiful vintage jewelry.

In addition to all the great jewelry there but also all kinds of interesting facts about gems itself to learn. Also the custom ring size you can Choose.

If once an Exchange or a return is required, this is no problem. 2 weeks later, the goods can be returned back and already carried out payments will be refunded back.

Be paid by credit card, direct debit, cash in advance and PayPal up to 100,00 euros can be paid via invoice. Shipped within the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Canada and USA. The shipping costs 3.00 euros within Germany, the shipping is free over 30,00 euro value of goods.

Within the EU, the shipping fee is 5,00 Euro 10,00 euro, in Switzerland, Norway, Canada and USA.

As I said I have discovered a pair of earrings in vintage style that just incredibly well liked.

The package arrived well protected in a bubble envelope with me. Very sweet, I found the small, personal message, which has been in the jewelry box. I like very much, such personal messages because so provides you with a very small amount of work, you are making hobby ideas so a personal contact and he was still so small, just leaves a positive image – and I find that class!

Therefore, a many thanks to Markus Hübener, not only for the great product review, but also for the Nice card! I was really very happy!

The two pieces of jewelry that I had chosen me, were in turn wrapped in a pretty, black box, so they could not Herum roll or even reverse hash. With fine chains that happens ever, that they very quickly is to muddle through – and that again look up is really no brainer.

I was allowed to choose the value of 40,00 euro something me and chose me these two things:

A few pretty feathers earrings vintage style.

This nostalgic anghauchten earrings were made of blackened and embossed brass. The fact that they can move freely on the hook, the black and gold Oerfläche in the light conjures up a nice, playful colours on the earrings. Spring shape and the color game the earrings look very romantic. The earrings is about 68 mm long.

The couple like very, very well because it is well up despite the subtle shape and also colour. You combine very diverse and look just beautiful!

My second piece of jewelry is a simple silver chain, because I needed even the right chain for a pendant. The chain to wear medium – what is just perfect for me great trailers is able by the relatively thick diameter 1.4 mm.

The chain git it in three different lengths, namely 45cm, 50cm or 60cm, which I’ve decided for the 50 cm version.

The lock is a very stable carbine, which quickly leaves nothing out – so I must not fear that me the shutter is raised by en heavy trailers and I both – namely trailers and tube chain – lose.

Both pieces of jewelry are very fine and clean worked, the earrings are not sharp (I have already witnessed everything), but rounded so that it can hurt. Both pieces of jewellery have cost 18,00 euro each, what I find absolutely in the frame, because both pieces are worked fine and not only smart look, but are also qualtiativ high quality.

My conclusion:

I can only really recommend the Jewelry factory store , the jewelry pieces are lovely and also keep what they promise on the photos. The quality is very good, the prices reasonable and also shipping and packaging are top. And the contact is also very nice – feel! Take a look and convince yourself.