The Male Models ‘Plus Size’ That Revolutionize The Fashion Industry

James Corden, Zack Miko and Kelvin Davis are some new references that lead change in the planet fashionista.

These men of ‘big size’, with thousands of followers on social networks, dare to conquer the catwalks and the media

James Corden, actor, comedian, conductor, considered a benchmark and chosen as the man most sexy plus size by 2016

While the women’s fashion industry continues to open its borders to new guns alternative offering a greater variety of bodies and carvings so you can find a lot in, the male sector, seems to have stayed stagnant.

The men, as women do not feel identified with the chiseled physicists of the large ads.This online British presenter of The Late Late Show, conduce the famous “Carpool Karaoke” segment, which made it popular throughout the world and that exposure becameCorden, a benchmark of the fashion world.

Corden-despite being comedian-gradually gained ground in the industry and starred in major campaigns. He learned to accept it as it is and true to his style laughs at his figure sharing a funny campaign with model and ex-footballer David Beckham.

Sexiest of England he was elected man ‘plus size’ in 2016. Gone are the actor Jonah Hill and Jack Black. Large international firms, such as Dior and Lacoste which include a line for ‘mature men’ and unusual faces.

James Corden, of “fat friendly” sex symbol

In Argentina, except classical man tents they respect the broader Court. “From the incursion of the slim fit (style chupín) ratios parts they lost all kinds of harmony and a man of 44 shoes cannot use them”, told Infobae José Valosen dedicated to the male haute couture for more than 30 years.

“The idealization of the perfect body is not only female heritage. What you see on the runway is not real, to maintain that physical men cared,” said the designer.

It recognizes that there is a big change in the sense that today the requested image is that of a male, so not androgynous man. They know which choose, they like that not, “dress to impress and the problem arises when they do not find the look you seek for your waist,you have to find clothes to measure”, said Valosen.

A couple of years ago the world echoed of the emergence of the first male top of large sizes, the American Zack Miko, signed by the international agency IMG – the same who represented to Kate Moss–. Its two meters high place him above the average, thus becomes in the first male top plus size.

Heartthrob made his book to Brawn the new line of the IMG Agency. It is blue eyes blonde measures almost 2 meters and 120 centimeters in hip, according to your profile

The impact of his appearance revolutionized the medium and soon was summoned by major firms. Miko cit August hating your body and not find clothes that you’d like to. He confessed that in every hearing, request you get about 25 kilos and define your body.

 In his opinion for them the industry is more demanding than for women: “get quadriceps, biceps get, get back, get abdominal, know elegant, I know educated, I know… perfect ‘ stated in an interview for Cosmopolitan.”

Zach Miko in one of its first campaigns of casual attire for the IMG Agency

 Now he hopes that his example will help other men with similar problems to be represented in the world fashion and feeling good about themselves.

A photo posted by Zach Miko (@zachmiko) on Aug 24, 2016 at 2:26 pm PDT

The body positive message and the diversity of sizes is something relevant said Ivan Bartof IMG. Indeed the Agency remains in the way of inclusion and account with a new division called “Brawn” (muscle strength).

This young man had engaged in a campaign of sizes of the Target chain, but rose to fame when it was discovered in Instagram, by Ivan Bart.

It is precisely this social network the environment where they were born others references nothing resemble Haggard teenagers from the catwalks of Chanel, Gucci or Hedi Slimane. Such is the case of Kelvin Davis and Michael Anthony founder of recognized blog ‘The big fashion Guy’.

Male catwalk in Milan, Alexander McQueen collection

Kelvin Davis has measures that would not fit in a suit of Louis Vuitton. But 50 thousand followers love its styling. Davis, founder of the mens fashion blog known as Notoriously Dapper drives a motivational message of body acceptance.

The initiative arose from the day that was to the Express store and failed to buy sack that he liked “I was not going through the elbow”, called for a larger size, but was told that the company not made that kind of parts.

Kelvin Davis, another of the references ‘plus size’

‘ The big fashion Guy’ space different from Michael Anthony-another celebrity of great success and impact on industry-promotes through its channels to “inspire people of all sizes”. His proposal is fun, colorful and elegant: costumes, handles, bermudas, shirts hawainas.

Under this same line the Argentinian designer José Valocen concluded that one of his future projects is to organize a massive parade by integrating different profiles men, “boyfriends, in-laws, the father of the bride, is going to be a success,” added motivated.