These days Milan was held of the male fashion week and although the protagonist was male style street, some Queens of the feminine style street They also wanted to have his role these days. Within the variety, there is always a tendency that triumph and this time has been the Maxi skirt to ankle.

Viviana Volpicella and Carlotta Oddi they have been two of the many attending the parades that have opted for this length of skirt. While Viviana chose of the version dressed in white and stamped on the bottom, Carlotta, Anna Dello Russo Assistant wanted for striped version combined with a crop top in white.

At Asos we find different versions to achieve the look as such this tricolor model in black, yellow and white for 39,77 euros, this one with floral print in red and blue 33,14 euros. Another option is this in tye-dye firm Love for 42,42 euros.

The Skirts to The Ankle Triumph in The Street Style of Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week