The Strength of the Jewellery Sector Reinforced by the Camera

Finish the first month of this new year 2017 and we already have results from the jewelry House par excellence one of the best examples that exist so far in regard to institutions that coordinate a Guild or sector.

The Strength of the Jewellery Sector Reinforced by the Camera 1

On this occasion I had the opportunity to know through Mr. Ramon Parra advances that have developed recently as the Mexican Pavilion in the city of Vicenza Italy where different brands Mexican and several proudly tapatías arose in this European market proudly representing Mexican jewelry design has to expose.

In addition to this effort through this House generated a link with one of the fashion trade fairs more important nowadays, ColombiaModa, where brands like Gabriela Sanchez and Danmaik among others were able to arise within the wooden box, this pavilion specially developed by the fair for selected brands for fashion and trends.

Not only exhibition and broadcast deals to this effort, they have also developed different programs of support to entrepreneurs like jewel undertakes, in which identifies new talent who want to dabble in the Guild jeweller supporting them with training, graduates and calls so they can obtain a space within Expo jewel and this allows them to generate sufficient experience to succeed in this medium.

The Strength of the Jewellery Sector Reinforced by the Camera 2

The President also emphasized the importance of room diamond project which consists of a space within the Centre jeweler Republic area jewelry in the city of Guadalajara with a workshop room, which will be training with jewellery courses from basic to advanced levels, as well as a showroom where you can see trends of the sector.

In the last two months were exports of more than $ 300 million which is equal to a 4% estimated to countries such as United Arab Emirates, United States, among others. This 2017 is expected a growth of between 4% and 5%.

Meanwhile Lic. Gabriela Sanchez as the Coordinator of the center of jewelry we talked about the international competition of jewelry, which in this edition his title will be corporal besides the already recognized benchmark trends in marketing and advertising called Forum Fashion and Marketing, which in the previous edition the Forum came to 6 countries and without forgetting the already-much-anticipated showcase , the event of presentation of trends that develops within the framework of Expo Joya in October.

The Strength of the Jewellery Sector Reinforced by the Camera 3

Lic. Colmenero as the Coordinator for ExpoJoya, we also talk reaches internationally it having for all participants, with more than 10,000 buyers in its most recent edition and forecasting a gradual increase with each edition that reaffirms as a great business opportunity for those who already do this, and for anyone who wants to take , Lic. Reaffirms the viability of this sector as a major investment in the medium and long term.

As we can see, the jewelry sector is one of the most strong from our fashion industry, agile and quickly placed as Lance and one of the main columns within the supply chain and business.