The Tous Joined the Trend of Personalized Jewelry

This summer the medallions are back and stay out of trend not Tous launching the collection Medallions. This line is made up of several pending, wires and accounts that can be purchased at conjugations already made or customized for each client.

The Tous Joined the Trend of Personalized Jewelry

In this collection Tous gives you, for the first time, all the power of choice at the time of purchasing your jewelry. Both in physical store or on the website of the brand, it is possible to play with the various parts available and make a paste to your taste. You can still buy the elements individually to join a piece that already have at home. The total value will always be the sum of the individual price of each of the elements used in the jewelry you choose for you.

At your disposal has dozens of medallions, simpler than the old days, does it allow you to put a picture of someone dear to him or keep a love note. On the other hand, bring ever recorded messages, such as “love” (“love”), “happy” (“happy”), and more. There are also versions with the small format Tous bear, other with the form of boy and girl. They are all available in more sizes, colours and materials – such as silver, gold, mother of Pearl and semi precious stones – and can be combined with the various wires: chain, leather, nylon and beads according to

In addition to the medallion, you can also join the small wire with a gemstone pendants, available in various colors, but that’s not all customization. Some of these accessories may also shrink or stretch. For this you just have to join two or more necklaces, like it or not, this way will add size to the wire without the addition be perceptive or unaesthetic. The clips were manufactured with this possibility in mind, i.e. are smaller than normal to become virtually invisible. Already the ring all pendants are produced taking into account the variety of yarns in order to serve in any of the wires.

“This is a collection where it is possible to make 1001 combinations, because it lets us toying with all the pieces,” explains Vasco Pereira, the PR of Tous for Portugal, the, referring to yet another advantage: “the fact that we can swap parts and combine everything in a variety of ways, allows also the mixture of stations. For example, these medallions can be used with a wire to another collection, winter, why not? “.

The summer collection also features other rows in which you can also apply some medallions. The Tous Medallions is already available for sale by the end of this summer. To meet and start thinking about their combinations can query our gallery of images.

Featured image: Jean Marie Chand, Tous

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