The Ultimate Journey in Australia

By | September 11, 2021

With a combination of motorhome and rental car, you get the optimal experience – magical nature in the south, wilderness adventures in the outback, the world metropolis Sydney, Australian hospitality and beach breaks in Queensland. See history of Australia on Agooddir.

The journey starts in Adelaide, where you can discover the city on your own for two days. You have an eight-day motorhome rental and a ferry ticket to Kangaroo Island. The motorhome is left in Melbourne, so you have plenty of time to explore the vineyards of the Fleurieu Peninsula, experience the beautiful scenery and unique wildlife of Kangaroo Island, hike in the Grampians and enjoy the impressive Great Ocean Road. If you have time, you can stop at the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne. Melbourne includes a walking tour with a local guide, where you can learn about the city’s history and find out which are the best restaurants and cafes in the area – a must for food lovers!

From here, the journey continues into the red center of Australia. Here you pick up your motorhome with four-wheel drive (a bush motorhome with four-wheel drive) and have five days to explore the wilderness. Highlights include Alice Springs, Kings Canyon and Uluru. With your new motorhome, you can get to places you can not reach with a regular rental car. You can drive along Meernie Loop Road to Red Bank Gorge, Glen Helen, Ormistion Gorge, Stanley Chasim etc. The journey continues to Sydney, one of the world’s most beautiful cities and here you have plenty of time to explore the city on your own.

After Sydney, the journey goes to the tropical part in the north. You pick up your motorhome at the airport in Cairns and drive towards Atherton Tablelands, where you will stay three nights on a local farm. On the farm you can take part in the daily chores and enjoy the locally produced food. Then drive on to the coastal town of Port Douglas, known for its cozy atmosphere and beautiful beaches. Here you have four days on your own, where you can go to the Great Barrier Reef and explore the Dainntree rainforest. From Port Douglas is an excursion to the area of ​​the Aborigines where you get to learn how they live with and by nature.

Day 1-2: Departure from Scandinavia

Travel from Scandinavia to Adelaide, Australia.

Day 3: Arrival in Adelaide

Arrival in Adelaide. You take yourself to your hostel, where you spend your first two nights.

Day 4: On a voyage of discovery in Adelaide

Adelaide feels in many ways like a small rural town. The city is spread over such a large area that you hardly perceive that you are actually in the middle of a city with over 1 million inhabitants. The ground is also not solid enough to build skyscrapers, so the tallest buildings are not very tall. The city is easy to navigate and the wide roads create an airy and spacious impression. Adelaide is conveniently located with the beautiful Adelaide Hills to the east and great beaches to the west, including the beach at Glenelg.

Day 5-11: In motorhome towards Kangaroo Island, Grampions and Great Ocean Road

You pick up your motorhome in Adelaide and drive on to the Fleurieu peninsula. Here are a lot of vineyards and cozy rural resorts. You have a return ticket to the ferry to Kangaroo Island (you can decide how long you will be on the island with your travel agent. We recommend two nights). You have the motorhome for a total of eight days before leaving it in Melbourne. Kangaroo Island is one of the best places in Australia if you want to see the unique Australian wildlife in its natural environment. Here you can see kangaroos, koala bears, marsupials – and if you are really lucky, maybe even an echidna (anteater). At Seal Bay you can get close to the huge seals that lie on the beach. To the west you will find Flinders Chase National Park, which has fascinating rock formations at Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. Grampians National Park is one of Australia’s more neglected but very fascinating national parks. There are incredible rock formations here and the wildlife is very rich. The area offers really good hiking opportunities and you must not miss the trip to McKenzie Falls. Also, do not miss the view from The Balconies. The Great Ocean Road winds over 300km along Australia’s rugged southern coastline, with huge waves and spectacular rock formations on one side and lush light green fields dotted with eucalyptus trees on the other. Make a stop at Loch Ard Gorge, named after the ship Loch Ard, which ran aground here in 1878. Imagine what it must have been like to navigate this insidious and violent water. Of course, you must not miss Twelve Apostles on your trip either. At Kenneth River you can also see koalas. If you walk up Gray River Road and look up at the trees, you will soon see some pieces. Koalas sleep around 20 hours a day, so do not be disappointed if it is only a rolled up fur ball you can see in the tree.

Day 12: Delivery of the motorhome in Melbourne

When you arrive in Melbourne, leave your motorhome and go to your hotel. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and Australia’s second largest city with 3.5 million inhabitants. It is a modern city where skyscrapers, office buildings and shopping malls mix with the old buildings in beautiful Victorian style. The mixed architecture gives a very good picture of the people of Melbourne. This is because there is a mix of people from all over the world. In particular, there has been a large influx of Greeks and Asians, which is reflected in the food, among other things. Melbourne has a fantastic range of restaurants. There are plenty of excursions departing from Melbourne. For example, visit Phillip Island, where you can see penguins go ashore, or go on a guided tour of the area around Melbourne to see koalas and kangaroos.

Day 13: City walk on foot in Melbourne

The day begins with a city walk on foot. Here you can learn all about the city’s fascinating history and get an insight into the city’s best restaurants and cafes – a must for food lovers.

Day 14: Melbourne to Alice Springs and pick up of four wheel drive motorhome

You are flying today from Melbourne to the Red Heart of Australia and Alice Springs. Here you pick up your motorhome with four-wheel drive (a bush motorhome with four-wheel drive) and have five days to explore the wilderness. Highlights include Alice Springs, Kings Canyon and Uluru. Since your motorhome has four-wheel drive, you can ride on gravel roads and thus get a more unique experience in the wilderness.

Day 15–17: On an adventure in the wilderness with a four-wheel drive motorhome

The big highlight here in the middle of Australia is Uluru. 348 meters high, 10 km in circumference and millions of years old. Like a desolate giant, Uluru lies in the middle of the Australian desert, surrounded only by small low bushes, tufts of grass and red sand. Take a walk around the mountain and visit the local cultural center to learn more about why this place is so sacred to the indigenous people. Watch the sunset, and possibly buy for a dinner under the huge starry sky. With your new motorhome, you can get to places you can not reach with a regular rental car. You can drive along Meernie Loop Road to Red Bank Gorge, Glen Helen, Ormistion Gorge, Stanley Chasim etc.

Day 18: Delivery of motorhome and flight to Sydney

You leave the motorhome in the morning and fly in the afternoon to Sydney, where you have three nights in a hotel booked.

Day 19-20: On a journey of discovery in Sydney

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and Australia’s largest city. Over four million people live here, and the city is an enchanting and amazing place. The Opera House is of course a great experience for most people who visit Sydney. Go on a guided tour and find out how this architectural marvel was built. In the same area is Harbor Bridge. Here is a small museum where you can learn more about the construction of the bridge. You can also go up the 200 steps to the top and look out over the city. The adventurous can also climb the bridge. Next to the Opera House is the Royal Botanic Garden, where eager exercisers run or cycle all day long. Feel free to bring a picnic and have lunch in the shade of a tree overlooking the harbor, the opera house and the bridge. It’s absolutely amazing.

Day 20: From Sydney to stay on farm at Atherton Tablelands

Today you fly to Cairns, where you pick up your rental car at the airport and head to the farm you will be staying at at Atherton Tablelands. We have selected a few smaller farms to give you a more unique experience as the only guest there. On the farm you can follow the life of a local family and help with, among other things, raising livestock, milking the animals, harvesting and much more. During your stay you will get lots of locally produced food (included), and you will get to see the Australian hospitality up close. ( M )

Day 21: Stay on farm at Atherton Tablelands

Enjoy the day with your host family and take part in their daily lives on a real Australian farm. ( F , L , M )

Day 22: From Atherton Talblelands to Port Douglas

It’s time to say goodbye to the family and head for palm trees and relaxation at Port Douglas, where you have three nights. ( L )

Day 23: On a voyage of discovery in and around Port Douglas

You have the whole day on your own in Port Douglas to explore the city and the many beautiful beaches that are within walking distance of your hotel. Since you have a car, it is also possible to explore the Daintree rainforest.

Day 24: Excursion to the Aborigines from Port Douglas

You will be picked up at your hotel and spend the morning with a guide from the local Aboriginal tribe Kuku Yalanji. The tour gives a good insight into how they live with and by nature. There will be the opportunity to gather seafood on the beach and catch fish or crabs with spears. The tour ends in the rainforest where you can cool off in a freshwater spring. You will be dropped off at your hotel around noon and have the rest of the day on your own.

Day 25: Departure from Port Douglas

You take your rental car to Cairns Airport, where you deliver it and begin your return trip to Scandinavia.

Day 26: Arrival in Scandinavia

Arrival in Scandinavia after a wonderful adventure “down under”.

Overnight stays

Twelve nights in a hostel / hotel / resort
Seven nights in a motorhome
Four nights in a four-wheel drive motorhome

The Ultimate Journey in Australia