Top 10 Destinations in October

By | May 24, 2022

Lucky to make time for vacation in October? It’s triple luck:

  1. going on a beach holiday in October is cheaper than a tour at the height of the high season in Europe;
  2. a wide choice of where to go on vacation in October 2019 with your family;
  3. the weather is comfortable, the sun is gentle, and the water is pleasant for swimming.

We offer the top 10 best places, according to experienced tourists, where it is better to travel in October.

Where you can relax in October at sea

When choosing a tour abroad, where to go in October, it is important to clearly understand what you expect from your vacation.

  1. Endless beach activities, swimming and noisy parties can offer many Arab countries at the equator of autumn. We emphasize that in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, the Dominican Republic and the Maldives, the second month of autumn is the peak of the season, so prices are high.
  2. If you want to calmly soak up the clear azure sea, like quiet walks along the deserted promenade and appreciate the time spent with your family, then Cyprus or Greece, Italy and Spain are good places to go with children on vacation in October without a visa.
  3. Many southern resorts in Europe offer interesting excursion programs in October for those who want to get to know the ancient legends, sights and culture of the country better.
  4. A good combination for an autumn holiday is a seaside resort and sanatoriums, where you can go not only for recovery, but also for a family trip. Israel in the velvet season offers many inexpensive places for a comfortable vacation.

Where is an inexpensive beach holiday in October

Europe in autumn is the graceful transformation of a young princess into a graceful queen. After hot summer days, Italy and Spain enchant with moderate air temperatures, where you can relax in October without denying yourself anything. These warm countries will delight you in the velvet season with low prices, a small number of tourists, and the gentle warming sun.

On a budget, you can go to Greece in early October. The islands of Crete and Rhodes will welcome you with hospitable and warm hugs. But, remember that autumn weather can be deceptive, so be prepared to dilute a relaxing beach holiday with excursions.

Vacation in October at sea in Cyprus portends to be bright, sunny and emotional. Clean beaches with white sand in the velvet season are not crowded with students, at this time the well-known parties and parties are replaced by a season of family beach gatherings, calm reflections surrounded by quiet nature, moderate heat.

Israel is popular with tourists from the Nordic countries, where it is cheap to travel in October. It is cozy here with children: the sun is warm, but there is no more summer discomfort and heat, the waters of the Dead and Red Seas are well warmed up. You can pick up a variety of beaches in Israel – from fine pale yellow sand to pebbles and pebbles, but they are all clean and comfortable for tourists.

Egypt high season

The high season at sea does not have to be exhausting, a great example of this is Egypt, where it is better to relax in October. This is one of the warm countries where the hot climate in the middle of autumn allows you to go back to meet summer adventures, enjoy excellent service for a moderate fee.

With children in October, you can go on vacation to Hurghada, El Gouna, Sharm el-Sheikh, Makadi Bay, because the Red Sea coast is a favorite place for the late beach season. It is worth going to Egypt not only to swim in October.. An oriental fairy tale, where you can go with a small child without a visa, captivates with vivid emotions, relaxing warmth and comfortable service.

We offer exciting trips to the central part of the country to dilute everyday water procedures at resorts:

  1. a safari awaits you, where you will find yourself in the heart of the wild;
  2. traveling on camels or quad bikes through the desert will make you feel like an adventurer;
  3. here you can go back in time: the pyramids of Giza, the museum in Cairo, monasteries and temples seem to be frozen in time.

Greece: Crete and Rhodes

The beginning of October in Greece is warm enough to go here to relax on the sea. We recommend a trip to the islands of Crete and Rhodes. The western coast of Rhodes is a warm and sunny part of island Greece, there are practically no rains and storms here, and autumn comes into its legal rights only with the arrival of November.

The first weeks of October, Greece will delight you with moderate heat and light night coolness. During this period of the year, it is better to rent a car on the island or spend more time on sightseeing tours to see the outlandish ancient places, temples and castles that the country is famous for.


It is comfortable to relax in Cyprus in October with children of any age. This time is perfect for a beach holiday, the water is well warmed up. You can go to the mountains, take a closer look at the world of ancient temples and antiquities.

In autumn, Cyprus reveals itself in a new way. With the end of hot summer days and stuffy noisy nights, in the middle of autumn, Aphrodite’s homeland becomes a quiet and peaceful place. There are few students and partygoers during the velvet season in Cyprus, and parties until the morning are less popular.

The island in October is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Large cities such as Limassol, Ayia Napa, Paphos also host many festivals and amusement parks are open to visitors.


The country of bullfighting and flamenco, eternal holidays and festivals can offer tourists an exciting holiday at any time of the year. The cultural and natural attractions of Spain, like a magnet, invite you to return to your favorite vacation spots, explore new resorts, and get to know the ardent temperament of the locals.

From the reviews of tourists, it is better to take kids to Spain on vacation in October. The weather is moderate, the bright sun will no longer harm the delicate baby skin. For a seaside holiday in mid-autumn, the best choice is Tenerife. At this time of the year, the water temperature is high. For the recovery and beach holidays of the youngest tourists, we recommend the Costa Blanca resort.

Italy in all its splendor

Hopes for a sunny and cloudless beach vacation at sea in Italy in early October can still be justified, but there is already a great danger of arriving in the midst of rains. Only southern resorts such as the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Sardinia, Naples, Florence revive faith in a long swimming season in Italy.

Rest in the second half of October in Italy acquires a slight charm, drags you into atmospheric walks along the narrow old streets of Rome, introduces you to the genuine everyday life of Venice and Verona. During this period, there are no more crowds of tourists, long lines to the favorite architectural and natural treasures.


According to top-medical-schools, Israel is a budget resort where to go on vacation with the whole family in October. Here you will get an excellent all-inclusive service at an affordable cost. It should be noted that the Dead, Red and Mediterranean Seas are equally warm here during the velvet season and are well suited not only for calm beach tourism, but also for active water activities such as windsurfing and diving.

In the midst of autumn, the sea here acquires new warm colors, falls in love with impeccable landscapes and crystal clearness. In addition, sanatoriums and recreation centers on the shores of the Dead Sea should be considered as an option where it is better to go at the end of October, when the weather becomes changeable and whimsical.

In October, it is inexpensive to go on a tour of the country’s cultural attractions. In three days you can easily see the Wailing Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and ancient museums, the Bahrai Gardens in Haifa.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a golden oasis in the middle of the desert, where it is better to relax in October by the sea. The country offers the most expensive resorts, excellent service. If you are not ready to spend the first acquaintance with the southern beauties of the unbearably hot summer months, then we advise you to go on vacation at the peak of the tourist season – October.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Sharjah – each city will meet you with luxury decorations of modern architecture, oriental hospitality, comfortable expensive beaches and original types of entertainment. Arabian charm, framed in European decorations, will enchant guests, captivating their hearts forever.

Dominican Republic

When at home the air is almost frosty in the morning, and the sun barely breaks through the thick clouds with cold rays, the tropical summer atmosphere invites you to go to the warm sea in the Dominican Republic.

At the end of October, when it is better to go to the Dominican Republic by the sea, the season opens for comfortable travel and solar-water procedures. Kilometers of white sandy beaches, numerous cheap exotic fruits, warm ocean waters – all this is an endless summer.

When choosing where to go swimming in October, it is important to note the features of recreation in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean:

  1. the air is humid, the waters are warm, but there is a high probability of intermittent rain and storms;
  2. on the islands of Catalina and Saona it is interesting to explore the seabed with its numerous marine inhabitants;
  3. there are numerous excursions (Palace of Columbus, Las Casas Reales).


The Maldives is a must-see destination in the middle of autumn, where it’s warm, the rainy season is over, and the weather is conducive to relaxing even with the youngest members of the family. Keep in mind that at this time of the year there are still more than two months before the high season, so prices are moderate and the resorts are not crowded.

Go to relax by the sea in October with a small child or go on a short trip with friends, spend a fabulous vacation with your loved one or discover new horizons on your own. All this is easy to implement in the Maldives with the start of the beach season.

On the islands of the archipelago, nature strikes with amazing beauty. There is a wide range of entertainment and offers for outdoor activities: windsurfing, diving, boat trips and boat trips.

Where to go on a honeymoon trip in October

Sea holidays in October, where not only a big family, but also newlyweds should go, are offered by the Maldives, Greek Islands, Cyprus and the islands of the Caribbean archipelago. But where is it warm to relax on the sea in October, and in what area is the rainy season waiting for you?

The Maldives, where to go, we recommend on a honeymoon in mid-autumn, will enchant you with fabulous summer warmth. The Maldives is a paradise for two. This is the warmest, quietest and most secluded place for a comfortable romantic trip.

Autumn Santorini will give lovers a quiet romantic atmosphere, and Rhodes, Kos, Corfu will enjoy incredible landscapes, sea sandy beaches and amazing sunsets.

Another island on the list of amazing places to go in October with a child, on a honeymoon trip or just looking for fun parties – about. Tenerife. Bathed in the richness and warmth of “eternal spring”, here everyone can discover their island life – from quiet and romantic walks on clean beaches, to night fun in the best clubs under the stars, from relaxing sunbathing to fascinating exploration of the deep sea.

Surfs, a romantic dinner on the beach, exotic fruits and flowers, and golden warm sand, what do you expect from a trip to the sea in October? Which warm fairyland choose?

Top 10 Destinations in October