Tour Alabama: the Yellowhammer State

By | December 3, 2022

Natural beauty, history and beautiful sights come together in diverse Alabama. The state is located in the southeastern United States and is named after a small, colorful bird. Alabama borders the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. When you drive to the far south during your tour of Alabama, you will come across the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Read here what you should not miss during your tour of Alabama!


According to smber, Alabama is home to nearly 5 million people, the majority of whom live in cities. The most populous cities are Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery. Mobile is the state’s oldest city and was founded in 1702 by French settlers. A nice stop on your road trip through Alabama!

In the capital Montgomery you imagine yourself in earlier times. The traces of the rich history are clearly visible here. For example, you can visit a large agricultural market where cotton, dairy and cattle are sold. The first bank of the Lehman Brothers was also founded here. Real must-sees during your tour are the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church (where Martin Luther King presided), the Civil Rights Monument and Old Alabama Town with houses that are hundreds of years old.


Alabama is known because of the great diversity in nature: it is not for nothing that the state is one of the top in the US when it comes to flora and fauna. Because of the different landscapes you will encounter plants and animals that you will not find anywhere else. Impressive animals such as pumas, wolves, black bears and all kinds of special birds live here. The coast is home to many seabirds and fascinating sea lion colonies. As you will notice during your tour of Alabama, the land is very flat and covered with coniferous forests. Only in the north is it more mountainous, here are the beloved Appalachians! This mountain range forms a beautiful contrast to the vast fields and provides beautiful views during your tour. The highest point is Cheaha Mountain with 734 meters, a must-visit!

When you make a tour of Alabama, you will undoubtedly notice the many lakes, rivers and streams. The state has the second largest inland waterway system! During your tour you can also visit many beautiful places via the rivers, a nice experience. A few beautiful rivers not to be missed are the Coosa, Tallapoosa, Alabama, Mobile and Tensaw. The Ridge and Valley Apalachen, the Piedmont Plateau, Canebrake and Black Belt are also nature reserves that you should not miss during your tour of Alabama!


Current Alabama culture and customs are inseparable from the past. Before the arrival of Europeans, Native Americans lived in the area, including the Cherokee, Alabama, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Creek. After the arrival of the Europeans, the period of slavery began. The slaves had to work on the cotton fields, then one of the main pillars of the economy. Even when slavery was abolished, the people of color remained oppressed.

Anti-segregation laws were passed after WWII, but racism remains a problem in the state to this day. Extreme groups such as the Klu Klux Clan, Red Shirts and White League have found a large following here in the past. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person, unleashing a large movement. When you visit some more remote areas during your tour of Alabama, there is a chance that you will still experience racial segregation.

The majority of the residents are white, about 65%. The colored inhabitants make up about 25% of the population. Christianity is by far the most popular religion and Alabama is part of the Bible Belt. Since World War II, the economy has relied on health care, education and technology, among other things.


The state has a warm maritime climate with an average temperature of 18 degrees. The summers are warm and the winters mild: ideal for a tour! The closer you get to the sea in the south, the warmer it gets. Alabama has the hottest summers in the US and it can sometimes reach over 35 degrees! Tropical storms, hurricanes and tornadoes are also common in the state. Due to the otherwise wonderful climate, the state has a vegetation period of no less than 300 days a year and is therefore very suitable for agriculture.

Tour of Alabama

Whoever makes a tour through Alabama is assured of an unforgettable trip! Due to the varied landscape, the warm climate and the many sights, the state is ideal for a tour. If you want to get a complete picture of the state, you would do well to visit the cities and the countryside. A popular route is via Birmingham to Montgomery and then to Mobile on the Gulf of Mexico. This way you cross the entire state during your tour. You will certainly not regret a tour of Alabama: a varied mix of history, nature and architecture awaits you!

Tour of Alabama