There is no time in the year worse than halftime, This quasi weather station as soon as you are with summer temperatures (and you with a cloth top coat) or the day in which twists and ends up dropping the storm of the century (and you) normally without umbrella. However, there is a little trick that will make your survival to the dreaded spring much easier, get a trench or a parka and your problems will be solved. Or almost.

It may be an exaggerated, but the Demi-season me crazy, or is it that already in itself is crazy, I don’t know, but even though I have learned a couple of things in recent years in which I spend all day outside the home is, first, do not trust the meteorological conditions that one sees nothing else stand up, normally and our nuisance, these vary (and us chafan day) , and two, the parkas/trenchs saves life.

It is not to be alarmist, but storms are fairly common in the North and is what I mean when I say that a parka can be your lifeline table, more even though they have some kind of built-in CAP, but that is matter of taste.

If you have managed to read all my laments to here and you’ve noticed – oh mon dieu! -that don’t have any of the two garments so I am extolling, fear not, both the trench coats and parkas are giving the Bell this spring, and it is than anything else, but look where you look you will see a raincoat or a parka khaki showcase.

Are you ready for the spring? (If the answer is no, I would advise that you come back to the beginning of this post and read it again)

Trench Coats, Parkas, Help Me Cope with This Spring!