Before the women wanted to be the most modern of the place, now by work and grace of runways and celebrities want to be the oldest. Not served, nor viejunas, nor classical, but have a retro, ladylike, Lady of high rank and dissolute life.

In a kind of continuous spiral moves fashion, remembering the last decades as if there is nothing to invent already, is there it? If a decade hits strong it is 40. We speak of the 40’s not of the post-war period, somewhat sad and whose unique imagination was the creative capacity of women to, for example, painted the middle rear stripe and conceal they were when rationing allowed to buy one. Talk about femininity, ornamentation, the retro of the most exquisite 40.

I am 40 and parading as wide

Yes, it is 40 years old, but if you don’t have that view of this decade it will be a success. If it were not so why more leading brands have focused on the Decade? From Gucci…

… up to Miu Miu with one of the most copied dresses of the season and that has just begun. What a tiresome and predictable is low-cost sometimes! If not for glitter booties and suede, seem newly out of the film Pearl Harbor.

Again Gucci with its proposal for a dominant woman, gangster, his large lapels of coats.

Y Dior who this fall has done one of the lookbooks most beautiful of the season. It cannot be more 40 years and can not be more beautiful.

I am 40 and I can be low or high

This is the good thing about trends, when they are at their peak we can find them in the low-cost or at leading firms. As I showed, in the plan renove to renew your wardrobe without spending a penny on clothes, that the ladylike style in Add-ins would be most especially if cost you little as these options of ASOs.

And waiting, which we suppose not especially low-cost Versace collection for H & M, we can get a very 40 set at H & M.

Also in Mango, to your copy of the dress of Miu Miu He wanted to print a touch more folk

Do we how season everything without spend the quarters? As with this necklace from the jewelry collection of Mango autumn/winter 2011 / 2012

or this one from the same collection but in more colourful tones

And our feet? H & M the emphasis in this decade that granted most of their best designs of shoes. Say that one would not be buy shoes low-cost nor of Absinthe, but options, having drunk, Hayles.

Let’s go now to the high cost, for those who want to or can afford it. We started with a few precious booties in flannel with Rhinestone embellishments of Jason Wu that it could well have been worn by Evita Peron.

To lead our life in tow, what better than a Marc Jacobs retro, very feminine and in dusty pink.

There are designers who are 40´s with the trend but there are others who are already born in the Decade and it continued with the passing of the seasons. That is the case of Kate Spade whose campaign for autumn shows us how to be the perfect woman 40 years.

Wander the street 40

Do not you like to be a guise of Marlene Dietrich? They adopted the trend in small details like a trench coat, or the complement of the season, a Pamela.

Or do as well Carrie Bradsaw, delve a little more into the final epoch of the 40s and the 50s and grab a dress fitted at the waist and evasee.

Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: 40s, What Modern Is Being Old!