This summer surprised us with a trend that has been the real boom in terms of outfits: color block. It was the signature Gucci, which in its collection spring-summer 2011 surprised us with striking colour combinations. And this winter this trend continues, so we are sure that you can save some of your summer acquisitions.

It is of color block, strong tones combined with each other and in a same look can look up to three different tones. The electric blue, Orange, green, yellow mustard and Red they are the most repeated. The main idea is to find the contrast.

Color block skirt: looks to go to work


Low-cost stores have repeated ideas and come back to bet on this trend, of course, looking at the ideas of the large international firms that already we could appreciate in their parades Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012. It is the case of Giambattista Valli, It showed us in Paris, this striking blend in pink and yellow. A perfect example of sophistication.

O Bottega Venneta in the week of the fashion of Milan, with this elegant two parts.

We are to a very risky trend, and more in winter, which I really recommend that you feel it if you are favoured and comfortable with it. If not, not, since an extravagant styling can reach scare you.

Primark opts for a one hundred per cent pop collection, a explosion of colour to go to work, with great retro style blouses loops by way of detail, with red, blue klein or yellow pencil skirts. If enzymes like attention, brand low-cost means of colors, a trend that already seems excessive and all the same recommends.

Sarah Jessica Parker already looks to fashion in his last appearances for the promotion of its film temptation in Manhattan, and does so with skirt and pants. Combining blue-yellow mustard is one of the most repeated and Sarah already surrendered before it.

And the street-style also.

Color block with pants: looks to go to work


Stores are awash with color pants, how turn it to go to work. You can find a fantastic line in Zara Skinny in a wide range of colors, that you can wear under blouses or t-shirts in other seasons to achieve your own look of color. Choose an American to go to the office

As I said earlier, if you think that the colours are too garish, opt for a Blue klein and a Bordeaux to kill the first impact.

In all these images that we see different proposals of color block, You can clearly see a Air minimalist, so this season 2011 / 2012. Straight, sober and simple lines that say it all with color.

I love the mix Rose-Red you have chosen Sarah Jessica Parker on the David Letterman show. Red and original high-waisted Pant blouse in red a signed outfit by Gurung Prabal. Divine!

White and H & M they are the signature low-cost proposals of more colorful, with outfits that does not deviate almost from the summer. Green and Fuchsia are his most oft-repeated colors.

Casual looks


H & M prefers simple cottons, almost by way of jerseys that I don’t like anything. It seems clothes at home.

White It proposes garments informal, spacious and comfortable, both dresses and pants. The combination Pink and mustard, Giambattista Valli, is her favorite look. And it is that the mustard is one of the colors of this winter.

Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Continues The Fashionable Color Block