We started this Monday so sunny with one of the trends that are taking the street for this Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012: the use of flannel hats in the outfits for the day to day. Saw in the last fashion week where the firms were to parade their models with this so-chic accessory, it have been seeing in advertising campaigns and now the bloggers are afraid to show off their outfits with them. And you, do you expect?

As we have already said, they are many firms that have signed up to this new and emerging fashion by this attachment before it We atribuíamos to summer. They have adapted to the temperature of the season and they are manufactured based flannel, wool, and other tissues of the station.

The benchmark for all

The catwalks they are all a benchmark for low-cost, coolhunters signatures and street people interested in fashion. It is there where they begin to ‘manufacture’ these trends that later will flood the streets of half the world. The Italian firm Gucci It was among the first to introduce them into your collection. Their models are short wing, giving it an air of stylish more.

On the other hand, Lanvin He also dressed her models with this accessory but with a wide-brimmed giving you a chic appearance and glam to the styling. What do you think?

Brands reveal

The second step so that a tendency to succeed is that firms mid and low cost provide them us to a reasonable price so we can wear it also. There are many firms that in its campaigns and collections already have these plug-ins so flattering to many and disastrous for others. Jill by Jill Stuart It is a clear example with a campaign that reminded me of Blair Waldorf.

New York spent the canals of Venice, where the signature Free People inspired by the fashion of the gondoliers to introduce ourselves so successful (and previously seen) outfits like this. What you think about the result?

In Topshop they are inspired by the Italian firm Gucci and presented short wing frocks in bold colors such as electric blue. There is no trend that escapes to the English firm beloved by all…

And if there is a new trend in the street, Zara He is responsible for providing us all so we can be those that go to last thanks to her. This model corresponds to the firma Española.

The magazines have echoed

Magazines such as Vogue o Harper’s Bazaar they are the first to know what is going to take and what not. We can say that these frocks will prevail if we are guided by the cover of Vogue Hellas of the month of October 2011. The colors and the ‘ 70s make it an ideal image.

The famous surrender to this accessory

Olivia Palermo makes it clear there is no accessory that can resist him and he wears it so well in her last Mediterranean campaign of Carrera y Carrera jewellery firm. Perfect!

The conquest of the street

Its conquest in the street It began in late summer and today we can say that they have achieved that many bloggers and streeststylers for use in their day to day. Although at the moment has long way to go. Among all the outfits can be found an outfit in one color turquoise (with the exception of the clutch).

And today we can say that a trend is not trend without the Italian Chiara Ferragni look it through the streets of half the world. During the Milan fashion week Let us outfits such as this.

The protagonist of Madame de Rosa teaches us how to wear a simple outfit while that chic: jeans, white t-shirt, Cardigan Chanel-style and this accessory as a bullish.

And what better way to mix one trends with another? In this image we see as snakes fashion house to perfection with the hats fashion.

And with an outfit 100% zara We said goodbye this accessory that will delight many d enosotras.

And you dare with them?

Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Don’t Leave Home without Your Pamela (Of Flannel)