We shine like glitter, danced like demons, drank as Cossacks, live like possessed and wear it as it came to us in wins. What memories those 70’s at 54th Street and his Studio! Warhol at the hands of Nico that flourish with Morrison. And all drunken hedonism, uploaded to the heights with infarct platforms, made up as geishas and sipping life to choking.

But that ended or not?


On the catwalk

Well, No. Some died, others were lost and the rest grew. But that dress was not there, but it has returned again and again over time. In a Machiavellian machine of the time, fashion reminds us that past times were better.

It has done so Lanvin, Gucci, Chloe and we we surrender to his feet with plataformon and heels in yellow gold glitter sandals.


Make it yours


The first tip when it comes to these things is: research in your mother’s closet. Asks, begs, which seeks to hound and you will find. Because nothing better than what you’ll find there. And if you don’t find anything, here some low-cost proposals and less low. From this black sequined jacket of ASOs…

Until these booties with stones of Roberto Cavalli.

From cool add-ins which again presents ASOs, with its brilli-brilli…

So very succulent proposals of Bershka, with legs of elephant in hallucinogenic patterns.

And also in Bershka and its new catalogue of October we will find lurex in legs, bumps on fingers and vinyl in the body.

The least you like but also the most? You can find, as most are these proposals of Gucci Pre fall.

And don’t forget one of the maxims of all girl 70: If you don’t have a hair garment in your closet, you call not diva.


Raiding the street

The divas of the 70 were not afraid to mix, not feared accompaniments or dress-up. Chiara Ferragni He knows it and mix unceremoniously a few skinny broken, a Tyrolean hat, a suede jacket and the technology of the future.

But not only she has dressed it in maxi skirts in leathers, at ethnic accessories.

And if doubts thinking that 70 are only for evening parties and sprees are lives, why not make you look like this for the next wedding?

Jane (Freja) Fonda, I agree with your eyes. It is to be stone contemplate how this image of 40 years ago is as current as the most recent parade.

Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Friend Warhol, Take Me with Bianca at Studio 54 and Remember Who We Were