Holly rises, has slept with her evening gown since, has an evening appointment with his gangster friend and little time. Her beauty is such that although without time and came out with since, would equal. She confuses the night and day, but not only it. As the star of breakfast at Tiffany’s, fashion is immersed in a spiral of space-time in which night and day they are not already distinguished. Glitters with wool, sequins with jeans, lace with hoodies…

Pass, gateway

This is about divas, girls who deviate. That seems to say Gucci with his collection fall-winter 2011 / 2012, night pure stardom, evening furs and fabrics and leathers that go into the day.

But not only them, Lanvin, with his exquisite clothes, volumes and bib necklaces make us think and rethink why not? the day with some black leather boots

And when you talk about sparkles and bright voguettes, impossible not to mention to Balmain, the star that shine all the attending fashion shows in Paris and Milan, from day, and make them protagonists of the most famous streetstyle blogs.

Have we become crazy? do fashion need a straitjacket?


It shines like gold, without spending it

Let’s start with one of the nocturnal tissues that have become every day without permission and with force. We speak of the lace. H & M and its Conscious Collection shows us how to take it without more sophisticated us: with a jersey wool (cotton hoodies also allowed)

We live not only the low-cost, also the great creators. OS has excited the collection of Giambattista Valli for Macys. Do not wear it in the light of the day, all we behold and praise?

Stradivarius nor does clear the border between day and night with her new collection for the month of October. So forget the visa and pass the border without fear or expenses.

We already know that skinny in gold and silver pants are more than day. And also the sequined jackets but how to make them ours? Erin makes it clear in his collection for Zadig & Voltaire.

One of my favorite outfits of the low-cost and the season. Bershka and its collection of October: or how to dress dress your work, your life and your day.

Red Valentino and his vision of how to make a trench coat for day or night?.

Pull & Bear nor is short and in its new proposals shows us the most original side of gold, wool, fashion.

And one of my favorite outfits of the season: or how to make the night, day. Add to your skirt long, excessive, exquisite, a shirt of coarse wool by Net a Porter.


Day, street, cinema

Who is one of the Queens of sophistication in every day? Olivia Palermo. The final look of your new blog shows us another pledge that we do not know if you live day or night: a fur waistcoat.

But not only of international bloggers living this trend. The most stylish patriotic bloggers also know bringing the night to day. Mayte of the Church makes it with a bib necklace of Zara added to his styling day 100%. Is it not ideal?

Ideal is the styling of Imelda and his shoes showing us one of the best ways to make City night garment: accompanying them of a leather jacket. Simply perfect!

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Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Is by Day or Is of Night Darling? Is Fashion, Holly