It is not the first time that the various genres and musical icons they are a source of inspiration for the world of fashion: there is always space in our closet for a bit of Rock & roll. And, this year, the mod (which already saw the hand of my friend Natxo), the Rock, punk, y glam, they have a lot to say in the trends for autumn winter 2011 / 2012. Does the music move your life? If so, leave that to proclaim your style.

Gateway with good pace

Designers have been inspired by music and even luxurious signatures as Chanel they have given a rockero air to their models. Stella Tennant takes tweed Chanel fall-winter 2011 / 2012 with a perfect aesthetics to try to copy at home.

Using makeup where eyes are the protagonists, black and biker boots, until the classic tweed jacket par excellence to become a star styling.

Balmain committed to the punk aesthetic in a sophisticated and luxurious version. Change the safety pins and tacks for sequins and gold accessories, and you have got it!

And also in Balmain autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 have championed style glam with impossible parts like the monkey of sequins. It emulates the footballer David Bowie and the look.

Shopping with soul star

If there is anything like girls lovers of music, are the t-shirts in groups. We know that it is hard to find the proper, but it is sometimes where least expect you. David Bowie’s Bershka t-shirt.

Can’t find shirt of the group that you like? As advice: never wear a shirt of a group that you don’t like or you don’t know but is cool, you can see in a hurry. Better choose one with message, well combined can get a look very Rock. This is also by Bershka.

The animal print is a classic of the rocker look. This t-shirt with cross in Leopard is of Urban Outfitters.

Stockings and eggings can make simple looks, outfits risky for little money. Cracked Urban Outfitters leggings.

These stockings with leather accents are also Urban Outfitters and have the perfect rocker dose not to pass you if you combine them with simple parts.

A bag with studs is a must for the rockstars. This is Zara.

Experts in the field can dare with much more flashy accessories like these earrings with crosses in gold from Urban Outfitters.

Or better yet, with this headband with skewers of Pixie Market. Most!

The street is inspired by music

If you’re new to looks of this type, the simplest is to combine denim and black. Essential is a leather jacket and boots off-roader. With a bit of black kohl eye you’ll be more than ready, as the blogger of Connecting to Fashion.

Another test over the perfect jacket type is more than appropriate for this type of sets: with a simple look in black and riotous hair, the Trop Rouge blogger Gets a very rockish band aesthetic.

Can not you wearing your t-shirt of your favourite band? The author of the blog The MopTop carries his Led Zeppelin with Hat and pants in corduroy Garnet. Rock and british!

Seen, it will be our inspiration for this fall of any musical genre.

Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Punk, Rock, Glam… What Side Belong?