Multiple faces can be found in this Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 in a matter of color. Among those faces we have on one side the most Visual, and on the opposite corner that not to speak out but are favored by many for the day to day. The grey among the latter, being one of the most oft-repeated colors today.

The catwalk is stained grey

In recent seasons the grey It has been used by countless signatures above the gateway. If we are looking for a dark style while that elegant, this Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 We have several ideas as the British style of Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier ladylike or the male of Chanel.

See other alternatives in this great legacy dress coat of Donna Karan, military style in which do not fail the current Peter Pan collars of Louis Vuitton or good taste by mixing of Celine.

Grey protects us at Zara

Against the cold of these days of Autumn touch cover. It’s okay to opt for blazers as Zara in a broad by 45,95 EUR model, although we better go for a longer design. Already saw what were the coats of fashion on the street and now those of the grey catwalk: seeing these three new proposals can draw similarities. Military by 89,95 EUR, Prince of Wales for 69.95 euros and goodbye forms for 199 euros.

On the street Anouska Proetta Brandon opt for a large blazer’s Ronans Wardrobe along with a black look.

Do dress for work or party? The two we had at Asos

Willingly put us to think what we get. At Asos we can choose:

  • A point with pockets of River Island dress by 53,80 EUR.
  • A tube dress with shoulders convex for 60,53 euros.
  • Mod style to diamonds in black, white and grey for 30,26 euros.
  • A long tube dress knit with black touches of ASOS Petite by EUR 50,44.
  • A sartorial court dress of French Connection per 174,85 EUR.

Sarah Jessica Parker opts for a Chanel silk dress.

Olivia Wilde prefers to give a metallic touch to your look with this as visual Gucci dress.

Blake Lively prefer something from decades past with the Chloe signature.

Maddy C It is only with bottom stylish.


The Festival provides Sanna Z with this silver grey satin jersey.

Most daring combinations like this of Nina Maya with an animal print shirt.

The rocker look is in gray and tacking, as evidenced by Sietske L.

Adela S It gives the nail on the head with a perfect look. Black and grey that adds a touch of violet.

Grey on the legs

Legs not to dodge the grey and are added to the skinny jeans This season. Billie Rose take example.

Zina CH also opts for a similar style pants along with the black with this shirt of Zara.

Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: The Sobriety of The Grey