The Rae defines the Baroque as something excessively ornate decorations. A priori it may seem a little bearable trend but the reality is that we have present in many collections and stores that have signed up to the Baroque fashion. Easy isn’t, but impossible not. You join the Baroque trend?

Dolce & Gabanna, black and gold

Are the Kings of the barraco Dolce & Gabanna. Black and gold opulent mixed with rich fabrics, such as velvet or Brocade to get a woman full of strength and some old air.

Balmain, futuristic Baroque

Balmain Baroque takes its grounds with current designs but above loaded with braid, ornaments and embroidered flowers. Mini dresses and sweatshirts also defines low Baroque style.

Lanvin, luxury Baroque

Lanvin It has a Baroque nuanced powerful woman. Gorgeous satin dresses complemented by maxi jewels and fur stoles. Baroque is not only clothing, but also is the amount of complements that merge with designs.

Aquilano, simple Baroque

Aquilano It shows us a simpler Baroque with geometric prints and bright fabrics or with medieval touches. Ruffs and shoes with the same fabrics complete the look.


203 best Sigrid Agren images on Pinterest

203 best Sigrid Agren images on Pinterest


Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: The Baroque Comes into Our Lives