Personalization of objects is fashionable, that there is no doubt, just have to look to your about to realize. Seems that nowadays everything can be customized, and is that if they were first classic custom t-shirts or prints in jewelry or pieces of jewelry, now everything has increased.

Anything that you pass through the head can be customized: t-shirts, caps, shoes, sunglasses, cases for mobile… but no doubt what most caught us attention is the latest trend in the world of travel: the custom bags suggested by holidaysort. Yes, you read well, and it is that you can now enjoy a fully personalized suitcase to your liking.

The large firms of bags and suitcases have joined the customization, allowing customize their models with the colors that you like most, your initials, the name of your children and your country’s flag…

A fashion that Parisian started it of Maison Goyard luggage, one of the most exclusive in the sector of travel suitcases, and found in Customizing one of the keys to its success. They began offering customization of their suitcases and travel bags as something practical that it allowed to quickly identify your luggage at airports, but such was the boom that was formed to your around, that today they offer all sorts of possibilities from which to choose, with a myriad of different colors and fonts.

Given the success of Maison Goyard, the rest of the luggage firms did not hesitate to join this fashion self-reliance the customization of luggage among its services, as is the case of Samsonite, Gift Campain or Carpisa Tattoo. Rather than tasteful travelers are taking advantage of, and it is to pass when great part time at airports and flying from a city to another, is not more look a luggage on which your name appears to be decorated as you most like.

In the custom bags fashion trends

Customization of luggage, that today there are all kinds of trends that delight travelers and lovers of good taste has both grown. Do you want to know some of them? Maybe pay attention and notes. You have featured!

Goyard and complete customization of your trip

As already mentioned, If we talk about personalization have to talk of Goyard, the signature par excellence in personalization of travel bags and luggage of all kinds, just have to enter your site to realize. They have an Simulator online that will allow you to become a designer for a moment, and design your own your suitcase in a totally unique and exclusive way.

They allow you to choose two initials and choose from a large number of different fonts. You can also create a color that you like for your luggage and the reasons that dress and complete your suitcase. All through your computer. It is a firm that makes the difference.

Laser engraving of Samsonite

Another of the trends stronger you are pasting is the record your name, your initials, or any type of message in your suitcase handle. Something has come to hand of Samsonite and laser engraving, that lets you customize for free two of its models Star: Lite-Shock and Lite-Cube.

An option that is available in online, and is currently displayed as a good choice of face to make a personalized gift that stands out above the others. Choose your suitcase and add your name, your partner, your children, your company’s name…

Carpisa Tattoo goes a step further

The Italian firm Carpisa Tattoo goes a step further, since if the rest allow you to customize the colors, add initials or a message on the shooter, Carpisa directly gives you the opportunity to customize your luggage in full with a picture, a drawing of your children, the logo of your company, etc.

Something completely new that has revolutionized the industry, so much, that faces such as Chiaria Ferragni, Mariano Di Vaio or Chiara Nasti have not hesitated to customize their trip Carpisa Tattoo sets. What do you think?

As you can see, the customization is the order of the day, and is that, since you buy a new travel bag, why not do you with a completely personalized and individualized? It boasts the most exclusive travel set and makes a difference all over the world.

Trends in Custom Luggage For Travelers with Good Taste
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