It is obvious that when it starts cold necessary to cover the greater part of our anatomy to be able to fight against the freezing wind and winter days. Why is that the foulards and handkerchiefs they are a good option that returns each year. However, they normally compete with other accessories that keep us warm such as Turtleneck jerseys and scarves.

However, the large scarves and the scarves are a very European flaire that make a garment ideal to perform its function and at the same time keep up with fashion. As autumn does still not so cold, one of the proposals shows it already not as belts or shawls of grandmother, but as necklaces with several knots around Central magnificent of neck.

Even so, the traditional way remains the basic and the scarves are still a smart garment with different sizes and designs that can meet the tastes of all, because they have become a unisex garment. The other day I saw in Zara Each gradient color very nice with a great texture.

There are some of Cashmere or even very thin fabrics that give them a stunning fall as lso, which each year leaves Massimo Dutti. You can search for it in a full color highlights with your wardrobe and as we don’t have coats for every day of the winter, the scarves also give a different touch unless you leave a pastón.

But for now, that seem to come with force are both printed scarves and handkerchiefs. As the grey sublime designs of Katie Holmes give any simple outfit a touch more elegant and chic.

The touch of this garment is in as you carry it, either to the Katie showing the length of the garment or by wrapped around your neck as they normally come the French long ago and which gives them a very sophisticated touch.

My favorite combination for the fall is of jeans, t-shirt, American and a scarf in a tone more striking than the rest of the Basic, if you want something comfortable with dancers is perfect and if it is more sophisticated about stilettos are suitable.


Trends of Autumn III: Scarves and Handkerchiefs