Tweed jackets they have become in recent seasons in an essential of our wardrobe. I leave the legacy of this so stylish piece us Coco Chanel, Today, and in each of its collections, never lack a. It is already a style icon and a safe investment. A classic that have copied all of the low-cost firms and that each season they offer us a different model, since they exist in different versions.

This garment is easy to combine and stick with all styles. The same da to be the day that night. Celebrities have already fallen rendidad to her charms for a long time and not only have a, if a variety, which can. And you? If you still don’t have yours, East Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 get one. White, Zara and Mango they are committed to various designs:

Frock coat

Mango and white you can find her in long, frock coat or wrap as a version. You can wear it for the day with jeans or trousers of tweezers, or at night with a mini party dress. Paula Echevarría shows us the creation of White in light shades.

The Black classic You can find it in Mango, Although I already advance that it is running out and there are no sizes. You can always buy it online.

With the tight vinyl, is divine! A styling scooping at night, in a way out with friends.



The jacket that Chanel fashion was the short, a bullfighter version. ES perfect to go to work. If the lights with jeans will bring a sophisticated touch to your look and lights it with a pencil skirt or a dress will get a more serious style. Even in more informal moments with a t-shirt, is phenomenal.

White and the Catalan company has a very similar model in the same grey and black tones.

This type is my favorite by how easy that is to mix with all types of garments. I must confess that I have one of Zara’s last season and I’ve taken him long party. East autumn, because I have acquired another, also of the signing of the Inditex Group in lighter shades.



If you have a very glamorous party and enfundas you in a very sophisticated dress, such as a wedding, a stylish party … looks a Bolero Tweed. A very flirtatious garment, perfect for cold. Mango you can find this so cute design, do not you think?

Other colors


If you are tired of always wearing the same colors, you risk by other most striking tones. The clear range is led by the white. A more Baroque version that I finished convincing is this jacket in white.

In Zara you have it with bright touches, precisely which told you that I have gained this season. There are available two versions of the same design: white and black. It is an open model, without zipper or buttons or hooks, but it is fantastic.

In Zara a model can also find in colors land, fashionable this fall-winter.

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Tweed Jackets, an Essential of Our Wardrobe. Mango, Zara and White Bet on Them