Washington Highlights

By | December 2, 2022

The best way to explore Washington is to travel by rental car. You will pass a beautiful coast, spectacular nature and lively cities.

Traffic In Washington

According to Ablogtophone, the state of Washington is located on the west coast of the North of America. The Pacific Ocean is to the west, while Oregon is to the south and Idaho is to the east. Canada is located north of Washington.

America is a huge country and that is why you should actually rent a car here. This gives you the freedom to explore as many areas as possible. But before you get into the car, it is important that you are aware of the traffic rules. They do not only differ from the Netherlands, but often also per state.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimits also vary by state. In general, you are allowed to drive 40-64 km/h in built-up areas, 64-112 km/h outside built-up areas and 88-120 km/h on motorways. When driving in school zones, the speed limit is 24-32 km/h.

The driving behavior of the Americans is calm and patient. And that is exactly what you need at a so-called ‘4 way stop’. This is an equivalent intersection where you are required to stop. The first car to stop then has the right of way. If you come to a stop at the same time as another car, talk to the other driver about who can use hand gestures or flashing your headlights first. You are often allowed to turn right at an intersection, even if your traffic light is red. You must first stop the car completely and take a good look around you. Only then may you continue driving. If you are not allowed to drive through the red light, this will be clearly indicated at the intersection.

Seattle, ‘The Emerald City’

Seattle is a vibrant city with an iconic skyline thanks to the Space Needle, a 600-foot tall landmark. To enjoy dramatic views of the city, take the elevator up to the observation deck to see every point of the city. Then, stroll to Pioneer Square, the historic center of the city. Here you will find art galleries, bookstores and a piece of the Gold Rush National Historical Park. In the park, learn about Seattle’s important role in the gold rush of the 19th centurycentury. At night, Pioneer Square transforms into a vibrant entertainment district. But not everything takes place above ground in Seattle. In the past, Seattle was a lot lower, but because of this the city sometimes flooded. After a large part of the city burned down in 1889 during the Great Seattle Fire, it was decided to raise the city. To prevent house doors from being below street level, the old ground floor was converted into a cellar. Today, Seattle Underground tours allow you to wander through these cellars to visit old Seattle. As mentioned, Seattle really is a music city and that is noticeable at the Experience Music Project. This interactive music museum features state-of-the-art exhibits that tell the history of American pop music and music legends who were born here. Are you more of a lover of writers, artists and filmmakers? Then you can visit the Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame.

Admire The Beautiful Nature Of Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a short distance from Seattle. From the bustling city, you step into an overwhelmingly peaceful nature. In the beautiful nature park you can enjoy fantastic walks along mountains, forests and beaches. At the foot of Mount Olympus lies the Hoh Rain Forest with towering trees and mossy trunks. You have beautiful views of streams and lakes here and in the summer the moss turns bright green due to the rain, which creates a beautiful picture. The best mountain area for hiking is Hurricane Ridge. Here you walk along numerous viewpoints, beautiful valleys and crystal clear lakes. If there is snow, you can also enjoy great winter sports here. The park is located on the coast and therefore you will also see beautiful beaches such as Kalaloch Beach and Ruby Beach.

Mount Rainier National Park

The heart of this national park is an active volcano that is covered with snow all year round. Although the volcano has not erupted for 150 years, it regularly emits plumes of smoke. During your visit you can admire beautiful glaciers, green mountain meadows and wild flowers with beautiful colors. Although the park attracts many visitors every day, you hardly notice them because of the size of the park.

Mount Rainier National Park