-From what color was your bag?
-Ehhhhmmmm, you see, was gold but depends of how changing color & #8230;
-I don’t know! It was weird but it was cool.

This might be a conversation with some of my friends. And the latest in handbags is the iridescent effect o iridescent, i.e. one that changes color depending on how look you. Large firms such as Stella McCartney o Commes des Garcon they have presented their versions and little by little firms low cost will be presenting their models.

Among the most triumphs is the of H & M in gold color and with rounded tips: a clutch that bloggers use it daily. But if you prefer the color silver We can find a more affordable version in Bershka. Yes, the firm points to this trend and presents a rectangular model so that we use it in our best outfits. It can be yours for 22.99 euros, you sign up?

Do you think that is will work new fashion?

What Colour Is The Bag Carried? Iridescent, Write Down It Well