Where to Go: Turkey or Egypt?

By | May 23, 2022

These two countries are both similar and at the same time not similar to each other. To select the best option for yourself, you need to consider all aspects, from the financial issue to the issuance of visas. Let’s try to figure it out.

Financial question

When planning a vacation, pricing comes first. Tour prices vary. The important thing here is the time when you want to fly. According to travel agencies, prices for tours to Turkey skyrocket from July to August. And in Egypt, winter holidays are popular. Ticket prices are reduced, and it’s not so hot.

Nature, sea

Deserts and small plantations near the hotel are characteristic features of the Egyptian landscapes. In fact, all these plantings grow thanks to the great efforts of people. After all, Egypt is far from an ideal place for lush vegetation.

But Turkey will amaze your imagination. Here everything is buried in greenery. There are plains, and mountains, and hills, a riot of bright colors and colors. On the other hand, an underwater fairy tale can only be seen in Egypt. Coral reefs, thickets of various forms, small bright fish, shoals of huge fish. Here you can scuba dive and see the wrecks of sunken ships and much more. Sailing on a sightseeing boat with a glass bottom, you will see everything with your own eyes.

In Turkey, you can swim day and night. You can go directly to the sea from the beach. In Egypt, night swimming is prohibited due to dangerous poisonous creatures. Passages to the sea have been cleared in places, but sometimes, among the sand, there are still sharp pieces of coral.


Many vacationers want not only to lie on the beach, but to go on exciting excursions. So Turkey is richer in nature, excursions are more diverse.

Egypt is known for its vast pharaonic heritage. Tombs and ancient temples are in Luxor, and pyramids, monuments, museums are in Cairo. There are many interesting places in Turkey. In Istanbul you will find ancient mosques, cathedrals, palaces. The historical heritage of the Hittites, Greeks, Arabs, Ottomans, and Turks is connected with Ankara. In Kemer and Antalya, the culture of different eras united. These two cities and their environs (according to the conclusion of UNESCO) are considered one of the most environmentally friendly.


In terms of the quality of service, infrastructure, the condition of the rooms, the variety of food, these two tourist centers are not much different. Everyone can find a hotel to their liking, given their financial capabilities.

Animation and Entertainment

According to topschoolsintheusa, Egypt is second in this regard. There are many nightclubs, discos, casinos, cafes, bars, etc. in Turkey. Moreover, this is all there both in the hotel and outside it.

Tourist visas

Turkey has a visa-free regime. So you don’t need a visa to visit here.

A visa to Egypt is issued at the airport for 25 dollars. For children, a visa is not required, provided that they are entered in the passport of one of the parents.

Vacation with children

Turkey is perfect for families with small children. Most resorts are surrounded by greenery, so you will not have to endure the scorching sun while walking with your baby. She also wins thanks to the presence of good baby food, children’s animation.

Teenagers can play sports or visit discos on site. In Egypt, this is more difficult.

Climate and weather

The best time for a holiday in Egypt is from March to November, in Turkey – from May to October. If you are going to swim and enjoy the sun in the summer, choose Turkey, because the temperature at this time in Egypt can reach 60 degrees. And it’s not comfortable anymore.

We hope our tips have helped you. And given the above, it will be easier to understand for yourself where it is better in Turkey or Egypt.

Turkey or Egypt