Wyoming Tourist Attractions

By | January 3, 2023


Fort Caspar Museum and Historic Site
Fort Caspar is a former U.S. Army fort and was built in 1859. It served to protect the settlers from attacks by Indians. In 1865 there was a battle at Platte Bridge Station. Indians of the Sioux and Cheyenne tribes attacked the fort. This battle is still remembered here today, but the fort today is a reconstruction from 1936 and a lot of important information can be found in the museum.

Contact 4001 Fort Caspar Road
Casper, Wyoming 82604

Ames Monument at Laramie
The Ames Monument is a large stone pyramid with a side length of 18 m and a height of 18 m which is located approx. 30 km east of the city of Laramie. It was built in honor of the transcontinental railroad financiers. It was at the highest point of the railway line, but after its course was changed, the place became a ghost town and the monument is now virtually in the void. Unfortunately, vandalism caused some damage to the monument.

Contact 121 West 15th Street
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

Special churches

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ of Laramie
The St. Paul’s United Church in the city of Laramie was built between 1890 and 1891 and expanded in 1922. Since 1983 it has been a historic building worth seeing. The church is the oldest surviving church building in the city. The church is very reminiscent of German village churches due to its window paintings and wooden furnishings. This is not surprising, since the church was initially founded for the German community and was initially called “German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paulus Church” and was still known as the “German Church”.

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Contact 602 East Garfield Street
Laramie, Wyoming 82070

St. Mary’s Chatholic Cathedral in Cheyenne
The St. Mary’s Chatholic Cathedral in the city of Cheyenne was built from 1906 to 1909 and impresses with its Gothic architecture and its furnishings. Particularly interesting is the stained glass of the Madonna which, like almost all stained glass, was imported from Europe, or rather donated. The mergers of steel, concrete and oak are also interesting.

Contact 2107 Capitol Avenue
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

Chapel of the Transfiguration in Moose
The Chapel of the Transfiguration in the municipality of Moose in the Grand Teton National Park was built in 1925 and impresses with its wooden construction. Inside the chapel, a large window offers wonderful views of the so-called Cathedral Group, the 7 highest mountains in the Teton Range.

Contact 145 North Cache Drive
Moose, Wyoming 83012

Zoos and parks

Unfortunately, there are no zoos in the state of Wyoming due to the climatic conditions.

Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

The botanical gardens in the city of Cheyenne were founded in 1977 as a solar-powered greenhouse and now cover an area of ​​36,000 m². The botanical garden is much more than just a garden. Many older volunteers can be found here and all greenhouses are operated exclusively with solar energy. There are many special gardens such as a rose garden, an herb garden, a cactus garden, a garden for nightshades and many more.

Contact 701 South Lions Park Drive
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

Festivals in Wyoming

Cheyenne Frontier Days
The Cheyenne Frontier Days are an annual rodeo in the city of Cheyenne. The rodeo took place for the first time in 1897. The event is one of the largest rodeos in the United States. Every year at the end of July over 200,000 visitors flock to watch the spectacle.

Other natural beauties

Devils Tower National Monument
The Devils Tower is on the edge of the Black Hills in eastern Wyoming. The Devils Tower is a huge monolith with a height of approx. 265 m. The diameter of the Devils Tower is almost 150 m. It probably originated from magma 40 million years ago. The Devils Tower is considered a sacred place by various Indian tribes. In the visitor center of the park surrounding the Devils Tower you can get more information about its origin and history. Guided hikes start from here. If you don’t want to climb the Devils Tower or hike around it, you can easily drive up in your car.

Contact www.nps.gov/deto/index.htm

Ayres Natural Bridge Park
The Ayres Natural Bridge is a 50 m wide and 10 m high natural sandstone bridge near Casper. The protected area around the bridge has an area of ​​0.6 km² and offers visitors not only hiking trails and picnic areas, but also the opportunity to stay at a campsite.

Contact 208 Natural Bridge Road
Douglas, Wyoming 82633

Glendo State Park
Glendo State Park is located approximately 25 km from the city of Douglas in eastern Wyoming. In the park you can admire narrow and deep gorges that the North Platte River cut into the sandstone for many years. The extremely popular Glendo Reservoir is also located in the park. In addition to the usual hiking trails and picnic opportunities, the park offers visitors 7 campsites.

Contact 397 Glendo Park Road
Glendo, Wyoming 82213

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
The Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area was founded in 1966 and now covers an area of ​​approximately 487 km². The area extends across the states of Montana and Wyoming. The area not only towers with its beautiful nature around Bighorn Lake, but also archaeological sites can be found here. But the main attraction is and remains the canyon formed by the Bighorn River. But also boating on the lake, fishing or visiting a historic ranch are not to be scoffed at.

Contact www.nps.gov/bica/index.htm

Bear River State Park
Bear River State Park is a state park near the city of Evanston in southwest Wyoming. The park covers an area of ​​approximately 1.2 km² and is great for hiking and wildlife viewing. Visitors can see bison and wapitis living in fenced areas in the park. There are hiking trails in the park with a total length of approx. 4.8 km.

Contact 601 Bear River Drive
Evanston, Wyoming 82930

Boysen State Park
The Boysen State Park near that of Shoshoni was founded in 1956. In the park is the Boysen Reservoir, which was built between 1947 and 1952. Thus, the park is a good excursion option for everyone who likes water and likes to frolic in it.

Contact 15 Ash Street, Boysen Route
Shoshoni, Wyoming 82649

Buffalo Bill State Park
Buffalo Bill State Park was founded in 1957 and is located near Cody in northwest Wyoming.
In the park is the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, which is dammed up by the Shoshone River. The most popular activities here are fishing, boating, hiking and camping.

Contact 47 Lakeside Road
Cody, Wyoming 82414

Sinks Canyon State Park
Sinks Canyon State Park is located in the Wind River Mountains. The Popo Agie River flows through the park, gurgling halfway into a crevice, the so-called “sink”. The water comes out after approx. 400 m, this point is called “The Rise”. Although it is only 400 m as the crow flies, the water takes 2 hours to flow through the underground passages.

Contact 3079 Sinks Canyon Road
Lander, Wyoming 82520

Hot Springs State Park
The Hot Springs State Park in the small town of Thermopolis, as the name suggests, is known for its hot springs. The water here has a constant temperature of 53 ° C. In the cooling pool, the water is cooled down to 40 ° C and can then be used for swimming. There is also a herd of bison in the park.

Contact 538 N Park Street
Thermopolis, Wyoming 82443

Hot Springs State Park

Special animals in Wyoming

The wildlife in Wyoming differs depending on which part of the state you are in. For example, tree spikes, beavers, bighorn sheep.