Y-3 Opens Its Second Store in New York’s Soho

Located in the heart of the New York SOHO, the new store and-3 (Yohji Yamamoto) It has been designed following the characteristic style of the brand, a space minimalist in black and white with small touches in Orange. Decorated with special elements, this space spread over two floors stands out by the presence of a long mirror that runs across the store from the entrance until the end of the same. Impressive and very stylish!

Soho, ancient refuge of artists, has become nowadays a refined neighbourhood with fashionable shops and exclusive restaurants. At the time of the 60s many artists moved to Soho district in search of buildings and abandoned spaces where to develop your creativity. But from the 70’s, Soho was transformed in the residential, commercial area and with a creative neighborhood as we know it today.

The store is open with Y-3 autumn winter 08/09 both for man and for woman, inspired by the exploration of the male in your environment both in a urban area and outside it. Collection proposes a mix of fabrics, as well as pieces more techniques carried out in Basic fabrics natural. We will, in the purest and-3.