At this point of the season entering the shops is horrible, because of sales you don’t like and the new you love collection even if you try not to spend. Why not? Experience has taught me that if there is a dress of the new season that you love You must buy it, because surely in a few weeks is exhausted and don’t you come back never see of takes them. In addition, this type of garment You can use it throughout the year. And Zara shows us his new proposals for this season autumn/winter 2013 / 2014.

The dark side of the firm

The black color in the summer is perfect for the summer nights. And if you buy a dress of winter its (finite) long sleeve will help you not to take thin jacket for those moments where the wind and night cooling slightly more than the Bill.

  • Embroidered satin dress, 69.95 EUR.
  • Black silk, 59.95 EUR.
  • Elastic style ladylike, 39.95 euro.

More print than ever

The summer, stamped, cool more. So although you get a new season, This type of prints are still present. Flores, military and different colors, These models can accompany you every day of the year: In the morning, afternoon or evening.

  • With military print in red, 39.95 euro.
  • In floral print, 49.95 euro.
  • Printed in blue and white, 39.95 euro.

How different is cool

And if you are looking for that different garment that break as usual, a pinstriped vest maxi can be the best solution.

  • Long vest with pinstriped, 49.95 euro.
  • With built-in blouse, 59.95 EUR.
  • Point in beige, 49.95 euro.
Zara Understood Topic, with Which Te Quedas?
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