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Sweden Old History

Sweden is an independent nation in Northern Europe. With the capital city of Stockholm, Sweden 2020 population is estimated at 10,099,276 according to countryaah. A unified kingdom with a common king has existed in the landscapes of the Great Lakes in the south since the 1100s. From the 16th century, a state with more central… Read More »

All About Sweden Country

Brief information Wealthy Swedes now travel all over the world. They reached Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand. Meanwhile, more and more tourists come to Sweden every year than before. Sweden has a long history, in which the Vikings and King Charles XII left a big mark. In this country, you can walk along the amazing… Read More »

Landmarks of Sweden

According to Indexdotcom, Stockholm is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. It is spread over 14 islands of Lake Mälaren. Stockholm appeared in the first historical sources as early as 1252, and starting from the 13th century, it became the residence of the Swedish kings and the capital of a… Read More »

Sweden Encyclopedia for Kids

Sweden A model country in Northern Europe A rich and advanced country that has been well managed for a long time, Sweden has recently joined the European Union. Despite difficult environmental conditions, it has been able to exploit good natural resources, the opportunities offered by inland waterways and economic integration with other neighboring countries to… Read More »