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All About Switzerland Country

Brief information More than 16 million tourists visit Switzerland every year. For most of them, Switzerland is initially associated with watches, chocolate, Swiss cheese and ski resorts. However, tourists very quickly realize that this country has unique medieval architectural buildings, amazingly beautiful nature, a large number of attractions, the annual international automobile show in Geneva,… Read More »

All About United Kingdom Country

Brief information Great Britain, which is surrounded on all sides by sea and ocean, still jealously guards its traditions and customs, which may seem eccentric to many foreigners. However, it is precisely this careful attitude to traditions that has made Great Britain one of the most famous and influential countries in the world, which also… Read More »

All About Sweden Country

Brief information Wealthy Swedes now travel all over the world. They reached Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand. Meanwhile, more and more tourists come to Sweden every year than before. Sweden has a long history, in which the Vikings and King Charles XII left a big mark. In this country, you can walk along the amazing… Read More »

All About Ukraine Country

Brief information The famous Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz once imagined Ukraine as a “steppe ocean”, in which ancient burial mounds are sometimes found. However, now Ukraine is not only endless steppes with Scythian burial mounds. Ukraine now has many very interesting historical and architectural sights, ski and spa resorts in the Carpathians, as well as… Read More »

All About Turkey Country

Brief information The Republic of Turkey is located at the crossroads of West and East. It has access to four seas. This country has amazing nature, architecture and history. For tourists and travelers, Turkey is interesting as a place where you can enjoy the sun, beaches, healing springs, go skiing, go mountain climbing. Geography of… Read More »

All About Spain Country

Brief information Flamenco music and dancing, bullfights, lots of sun and fantastic beaches… In fact, Spain has much more to offer tourists. Spain has been the cultural center of Europe for many centuries. In this country, a large number of monuments from the times of the Celts, Goths, Romans and Moors have been preserved. The… Read More »

All About Slovakia Country

Brief information It will seem surprising, but in recent years, the increase in the number of tourists in Slovakia is due to the sporting events held in this country. This means that Slovakia is still an unknown country for most tourists. Meanwhile, Slovakia has everything that tourists need – a thousand-year history, a large number… Read More »

All About Slovenia Country

Brief information Previously, Italians and Croats most often rested in Slovenia. However, in recent years, more tourists from Western Europe and the United States have begun to come to Slovenia. Europeans and Americans have slowly begun to discover the unique Slovenian nature, local beaches on the Adriatic coast, thermal spas, as well as excellent ski… Read More »

All About Serbia Country

Brief information Serbia can be considered a kind of “crossroads” of Europe. The shortest roads connecting Western Europe and the Middle East run through this country. A large number of national parks, mountains, rivers make Serbia a great place for outdoor activities. However, Serbia also has a large number of unique attractions and several popular… Read More »

All About San Marino Country

Brief information More than 2 million tourists visit San Marino every year. At the same time, in San Marino itself there are only a little more than 30 thousand inhabitants. This means that San Marino is, albeit small, but a wonderful country for tourists. So, here are still preserved several medieval castles, which are considered… Read More »

All About Russia Country

Brief information For poets and writers, Russia is a huge country with birches and endless steppes. The famous poet Alexander Pushkin argued that Russia “cannot be understood with the mind.” Perhaps, in order to “understand” Russia, you need to visit it. Tourists will see beautiful nature in Russia, numerous churches and monasteries, fortresses, unique sights,… Read More »

All About Romania Country

Brief information Most of the tourists who come to Romania remain under the great impression of this country. Many residents of Western Europe and the United States for some reason do not have a very good opinion about Romania, but it changes in the opposite direction after they personally visit it. Indeed, one cannot remain… Read More »

All About Portugal Country

Brief information The Age of Discovery, when the Portuguese discovered India and America, ended in the middle of the 17th century. Perhaps now, in the 21st century, the time has come for tourists to discover Portugal itself. Indeed, in Portugal there is not only football, but also ancient architectural monuments, medieval fortresses and palaces, excellent… Read More »

All About Poland Country

Brief information Poland is of great interest to tourists, because this country has a large number of architectural and historical monuments, beautiful nature with lakes and ancient forests, the Baltic Sea, numerous balneological and ski resorts. That is why tens of millions of tourists come to Poland every year… Geography of Poland Poland is located… Read More »

All About Norway Country

Brief information Norway, due to the fact that there is a polar day from May to July, is sometimes called the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. This, of course, is a mysterious and even somewhat romantic name, but it does not cause a strong desire to come to this country. However, Norway is not only… Read More »

All About Netherlands Country

Brief information The Netherlands, which many call Holland, is world famous for its windmills, Amsterdam’s canals, free spirits, and tulips. But in this country, it turns out, there are also many beach resorts. So, the Dutch resort town of Zandvoort, located on the North Sea coast, has been welcoming tourists since 1828. Geography of the… Read More »

All About Montenegro Country

Brief information Montenegro is now deservedly considered an ideal place to relax. The beauty of this small country lies in its picturesque medieval towns and villages, amazingly beautiful rivers, lakes and mountains, and, of course, excellent ski resorts and magnificent beaches of the Adriatic Sea. When you go to Montenegro – do not forget to… Read More »

All About Monaco Country

Brief information The Grimaldi family has ruled the Principality of Monaco since 1297. During this time, Monaco experienced many historical events, eventually becoming one of the most popular tourist centers in Europe. Hundreds of millions of euros are invested in the local tourism industry every year, and this brings noticeable results. Now Monaco is famous… Read More »

All About Moldova Country

Brief information Small Moldova is often simply not noticed on the map of Europe. For some reason, it is believed that Moldova is a kind of “Romania in miniature”. To some extent, this is, of course, true. But, nevertheless, Moldova is an independent unique state that any traveler will like. Moldova has medieval monasteries, churches,… Read More »

All About Malta Country

Brief information When to Malta in the 9th century BC. the Phoenicians arrived, they were interested in the advantageous location of this island, which was useful for trade. Now in Malta, only scientists and museum staff remember the Phoenicians – tourists in the Maltese archipelago are primarily interested in excellent beaches – Golden Bay, Blue… Read More »

All About Macedonia Country

Brief information The legendary Alexander the Great, king of the Macedonian kingdom, forever introduced the word “Macedonia” into world history. Now Macedonia is not as big as during the time of the empire of Alexander the Great, but, nevertheless, its very name speaks of the great history of this country. Even if Greece disputes the… Read More »

All About Lithuania Country

Brief information Many Europeans believe that Lithuania is a country whose inhabitants play basketball all the time. In some ways, they are, of course, right, given the achievements of the Lithuanian national basketball team. However, Lithuania is interesting for tourists not only for its basketball traditions. This ancient country has a large number of different… Read More »

All About Latvia Country

Brief information Since ancient times, Latvia has been a kind of crossroads between East and West, North and South. At different times, Latvia was conquered by German knights, Poles, Swedes, and Russians. However, despite this, the Latvians managed to form as a nation and preserve their original culture. Now numerous tourists come to Latvia to… Read More »

All About Italy Country

Brief information The famous Russian poet Alexander Blok, having visited Italy, wrote 24 poems about this amazing country in 1909, which were included in his cycle “Italian Poems”. Any tourist who visits Italy feels the same enthusiastic impression of Italy, even if he is not a poet. Ancient Roman architectural monuments, unique palaces, castles, cathedrals,… Read More »

All About Ireland Country

Brief information The famous Russian poetess Zinaida Gippius once, although she had never seen Ireland, called it “a foggy country with sharp rocks.” Now the island of Ireland, on which, in fact, the Republic of Ireland is located, is called the “Emerald Isle”, because. trees and plants are green almost all year round. However, tourists… Read More »

All About Iceland Country

Brief information For most of us, Iceland is associated with the singer Björk, who was born in this distant land, as well as with the Vikings and snow. But in Iceland, it turns out, there is an amazing nature with geysers, volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls. The nature of Iceland is a source of inspiration for… Read More »

All About Hungary Country

Brief information At the end of the 9th century, the Magyar tribes from Western Siberia moved to the Danube, thus beginning the formation of the state of Hungary. Modern Hungary is annually visited by millions of tourists to see the numerous Hungarian historical monuments, visit the famous local balneological resorts, and swim in the waters… Read More »

All About Greece Country

Brief information Greece is of interest to almost anyone. Someone is interested in the history of Ancient Hellas, someone aspires to this country, considering it the cradle of Orthodoxy, and some tourists, and they seem to be the majority, just want to relax in the beautiful Greek beach resorts. More than 15 million tourists from… Read More »

All About Germany Country

Brief information Sometimes Germany is called, and very often, “Land of poets and thinkers”, which aptly characterizes this country, located in the very center of Europe. The Germans carefully preserve their traditions, which have almost a thousand years of history. Apparently, because of this, tens of millions of tourists visit Germany every year. Moreover, about… Read More »

All About France Country

Brief information France is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting countries not only in Europe but throughout the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that about 80 million tourists visit France every year, who are interested in local attractions, beach resorts on the Cote d’Azur, as well as upscale ski resorts. For each… Read More »